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December 30, 2008


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phd in yogurtry

And then there's the self-redemption gift card skills.
Sigh. Deep envy here.


That is exactly what's going through my mind right now at my house, "clutter, junk, crap!"

And I have an addition to the list:

Toddler: A bad attitude can almost always be attributed to lack of food or sleep. They'll want to help pitch in with all the gusto they can muster. But, alas, they can't help.

Teenagers: A bad attitude comes standard, at least around my house lately, and can be attritubed to every single thing or absolutely nothing. They will pitch in but in a half-assed way, and it will be done with eye rolling and deep sighs. Then they will vanish again as soon as it's sort of done.

Jenn? What am I doing wrong? Why are your teens so perfect and pleasant?

Little Miss Sunshine State

I see Grizzly Adams is still there.

My decor is still up because Sorority Girl and Frat Boyfriend were here for dinner tonight and I have another friend coming for dinner next week.

Baby Favorite

OMG, I know, I know!!!

For the first three weeks, I feel like my home is purely magical.

Soon as Christmas is over?! Gawd, make it GO AWAY ALREADY!


I love these posts. As you know, I'm on the toddler/preschooler side. We had that big kid bike with training wheels for both boy and girl this Christmas. It was SO fun. They've been riding ever since.

I am ready to take down the tree, also. With running the heat and having a fire in the fireplace almost every night, it is so...droopy. Time to clear it out!


This year, I didn't feel like putting up decorations, so they are minimal. We have company (almost-twin bro & fam) so the tree stays up until they go home on Friday. Usually I like to leave everything up until Epiphany but this year? I'm so ready to be over and done with! (Might this have something to do with me not even wanting to put stuff up?)

I sort of miss the toddler/preschooler stage. They exude joy at everything! My 13yo was only thrilled at MarioKart and Spyro (Wii games) -- everything else was bland. Gotta work on that one.


I love these posts. The things to look forward to. I do love the looks on my kids faces when they see the stash on Christmas morning. One day nothing under the tree. The next, a nice pile of presents.

I'm sure my parents were absolutely delighted once we got past the Santa/early rising stage. We were raised Catholic. So we went to midnight mass Christmas Eve, so we wouldn't have to try to fit in mass with gift opening and going to my grandmother's . Which meant my parents didn't get to put out the Santa gifts until 1am-ish. I think we were usually up around 6a, maybe 7 if they were lucky. I just remember it was usually still dark when we got up.

I noticed a lot of our neighbors are "take the tree down the day after Christmas" types since their trees are at the curb to be recycled. We've been in the habit of keeping ours up until after New Year because that's when we could take it to the recycling place. We switched to artificial this year and we aren't going to be home for New Year so I kind of wanted to take it down early, get things cleaned up and back to normal. Having young kids in the house, I got voted down. My 3yo thinks Santa may come back. She isn't quite convinced that holidays like Christmas and Halloween only happen once a year.

Mary Alice

That is so funny. RR asked me what I wanted to do as a family the other day...and I said I want to clean the place up and put all the Christmas stuff AWAY. And sooo we all did. And it was good.

I love your toddler vs teens posts. Good for both kinds of Mamas to reflect on.


Oh...thank you my dear for a glimpse into the future...as mine are 10 and 6, we're kind of stuck somewhere in the middle.

Tree? gone.
Decorations? ditto
Stockings? empty and put away
Cookies? ate the last one tonight, thank God!
If we survive the next 5 days, then it'll all be okay!!

Great pictures...and I see that the "no shave in November" is still on?? :-D


Teenagers are way more expensive, that's for sure! But also are capable of being way more helpful. I'm in the strange position of having teenagers, and also one who still believes in Santa. Which makes it all the more fun.

And I kinda love rockin' out to GHWT. Shannon plays the drums, and I'm not too shabby on the guitar, as long as I stick with the medium skill level. "Hot For Teacher" gave me hand cramps though!


This is all so true...I love the "go to bed so I can make this happen" I totally said that this year to the girls.
love the pictures!!!!!
I am hoping the Christmas fairies are at my house taking down the decorations for me!!!


I am so totally living both sides of this. I was just saying how I think cookie making was easier this year bc the kids are getting older and actually helping more.


You see I didn't have any of that this year. Usually though their Dad says "You kids take down the tree the way your mother likes. You know all the lights go back in the original boxes exactly the way they came from the store. Yes you have to put the ornaments in those egg crate things you can not just throw them in the tin." etc. Then I go sit and have a cup of coffee and get out my Farmer's Wife cookbook and yell back and forth to them "do you want Lemon Chicken soup or Quiche?" Life is GOOD.


I am the same way about the Christmas decor. It looses it's charm about midnight the 25th for me.
I love these posts, because my kids are in between. We still believe in the man in the red suit and wake up at the butt crack of dawn. But they can put the leaf in the table and help clean up. They just have short attention spans.


What a great post...and great perspective. It looks like you had a wonderful holiday, Jenn. I'm so glad I've come to "know" you over this last year.

I hope you have a Happy New year, hun!

I promised my sister I would get to San Diego in 2009. When I do...I am SO looking you up. :)


I think being able to send your teen to the grocery store is one of THE biggest pluses! Otherwise I'd end up going three times on Christmas Eve instead of just once! ;)


My teens are very good at decorating but not so great at undecorating. If it was up to them we'd have Christmas up until March.


Yep, Rooster and the Chickies took down the outside lights yesterday, the minute we got home from Grammy's house. Since we are having company over New Years, the inside stuff is staying up.


This post is timely for me because my five kids are 12, 10, 7, 5 and 8 months right now. I know in time Christmas is going to become an entirely different creature....exciting to see our future thru your eyes!


Hehe! Having teens and toddlers in my house, I totally know where you are coming from. At my house the older 2 got up at 2 am and almost caught us building the preschoolers' toys. I am the kind that never ever says there is no Santa, and if you don't believe you don't receive:)

I usually take down my tree on boxing day too. This year I am really enjoying it and leaving it a bit longer. I don't have any kids small enough to keep mucking with it for the first time in a very long time. And next year Zed will be mucking age, so...

HOpe you had a lovely Christmas!


Great post. I have to suffer the clutter, junk, and crap through the 10th. I'll be crazed by then.

Green Girl

Pros and cons on both ends of the spectrum, aren't there? but guitar hero is WAY more fun to play than Barbies.

Belle (from Life of a...)

Just came across your blog today...LOVE this post and every word is SO true. My 18 and 22 year old know how to play the game on Christmas morning. I loved the toddler years but have no desire to go back...


Sometimes I think life would be simpler if I was crazy compulsive really mildly neurotic just a little bit LOL!

Manic Mommy

I met a friend for lunch today and came home to find our tree out on the front lawn awaiting tomorrow's garbage pickup! One of the many reasons I love my husband.

I'm with you; December 7th through the 26th, love the tree. Everyday thereafter, I want my house right.

apathy lounge

Because of the plague of "selective blindness" that afflicts my teens, no one sees the crapulous mess but me. Woe is me.

Cheri @ Blog This Mom!


How come nobody gave ME the Barack Obama memoir?

I have not raised them right.


I LOVE teenagers v. toddlers posts...

Memarie Lane

i thought about enlisting max to help wrap gifts, but the boy can't keep a secret.


I'm with you re: all the Christmas clutter. Drives me nuts. Usually New Year's Day and it's gone.

Having teens doesn't sound quite so bad after reading this. But not thrilled about it all costing me mucho dinero. I think this Christmas cost us $20 total for the kids.

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