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December 23, 2008


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Perfect! Not bragging, just sharing of your year.

Mine is scheduled as tomorrow's post. :)

Reluctant Blogger

I always feel a bit of a hypocrite about Christmas letters. I don't like the idea of them at all and yes, I moan about them and scoff at them. BUT when one arrives, I unfold it with haste and read it all. I bet most people are like me - they pretend not to like them (not sure why - I've never tried to analyse it, I just make fun of myself for being that way!) but are actually pretty keen in secret.

I think maybe some people do go over the top in bragging - or only giving one side of the story but you most certainly did not do that. I loved to hear about your family and your year.

Have a lovely Christmas, Jenn.


Cheri @ Blog This Mom!

I love Christmas letters too.

Jen on the Edge

I save the day's cards and letters and then settle in on the sofa to fully savor them. Yours was a wonderful read.


I love it. And I agree, if your childhood could have played out on an epiosde or two of cops, there is a lot to be thankful for. I loved reading yours and all the ones I did get this year, but I did not do one this year myself. I just did not feel it for some (many) reasons. I will get back on the wagon next year..you have inspired me.
Take care-Suz

Baby Favorite

I love Christmas letters. Yours is written much like mine.

Very nice job!

Just Jamie

What a year indeed. Fortunately, those of us who read your blog already knew most of that. You didn't mention your mad blog skills in there.

Many warm wishes to you Jenn. It's been great getting to know you this past year.

Smalltown Mom

You are a great writer -- falling off the same wagon as Oprah? Snicker.


Was the choice of Wildlife Resource Management a direct result of the Grizzly Adams beard? ;-)

And oh my yes, please to the rebounding 401(k)s!!! I made the mistake of looking at mine recently *shiver*

Trooper Thorn

Merry Christmas and thanks for all the readers you did bring over Jenn.

Good news about Mr. Fix-It. I hope the economy can affect avryone that postively in the new year.

Don Mills Diva

Wildlife Resource Management - HA!

This was a great letter - not bragging at all.

I love Christmas letters - it's nice to hear how everyone's doing.

Deb D

I love Christmas letters and I didn't write one this year. I got a guilt trip from Engineering Dad's aunt when she mentioned in her card how much she loves my Christmas letter. I guess I'll be doing a year end letter instead.

Merry Christmas to you and your family. I really enjoy reading your blog.


I love Christmas letters! Yours is awesome!

Green Girl

A) Great letter!
B) I'm amazed by your kids & all they've achieved and how successful they each are.
C) Merry Christmas!


I love long Christmas letters! But I'm not sending them this year because I just sent out birth announcements and in a few short months I'll be sending two graduation announcements. Fairly easy to figure out what we've been doing from all the announcements.


Congratulations on your normal life. You've earned it!

But I know better; your life is better than normal!

stephanie (bad mom)

Lovely & sincere with a satisfying amount of humor :) Very merry Christmas to you all.


Student teaching at Juvi? By choice? Actually, I heard from someone who did that before that it was the best and most well-behaved group of kids EVER. I guess having guards next to the students is very useful for classroom management! ;)


Nice letter. I bet you also going back to remember everything.

And now if you forget when that happened you can just look back on your blog.


That's a great, newsy letter. And fun that we had read about most of it throughout the last year!

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