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January 14, 2009


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Happy anniversary!!


Congratulations! And I can't believe I'm first! ...

Reluctant Blogger

Ooh Happy Anniversary. It's funny cos lots of your special dates coincide with ones in my family too. Today is my father's birthday.

28 years! Wow! I am so impressed. What is it for 28 years? Anything nice? It certainly should be.

Mary Alice

Hooray....it's like fine wine...just gets better with time?


Wow! 28 years?!?! That is a long time...and yet, I'm sure that with the "right person" it seems like only yesterday that you met!!
That is a great picture...you sure can see every one of your kids in that profile.
Have a great day!!!

Manic Mommy

So you're saying that Mr. Fix-it is older than you? Ohhhhh, it's a *recent* picture.

We're at lucky 13 (since we met).


So great...what an accomplishment for you both. Your kids are so darn lucky!!!! And you both are too.
You beat me by a smidgen....I was 17 going on 18. This summer will be 24 for us together.... may will be 18 married. crazy.


I fear that if I had met my husband 6 years earlier, we might have not liked each other... or we would have and then we might have a much older first-born.
It's pretty special that you have such a long history.


isn't that the phrase from a song? Happy Anniversary!!! I got married for the first time 9/21/81 so it would've been my 28th this year lol.

Little Miss Sunshine State

Happy Anniversary.
You have seen each other in every state of better, worse, richer, poorer, sickeness and health and you still love each other. Isn't that amazing and wonderful?

I was also 16 going on 17. That was 34 years ago. In Sept we'll be celebrating our 30th wedding anniversary.


Impressive! Congrats to you both.

Smalltown Mom


(The HH and I were both 17.) Glad to know these long-term things work out!


Congratulations and best wishes for many more years!


Happy meeting anniversary. And 54 ain't so bad.. especially from my view at 53.

green girl

That is a long time--how cool!


Congratulations and happy so-many-great-years-together.


28 years is a long time! I've been with my guy for 7 and thought that was long... 28 is way longer!


Memarie Lane

I've known Brad technically since I was 14, so I get what you're saying. Married at 25, TYVM.


I just want to say that I LOVE that you have known him for 28 years, and that you are still HAPPILY married, and enjoying each others company! So cool!

The Mom Bomb

AWWWWWWWWW! I love stories like yours.


Awww! And how lovely to super heart him too :)


I just love happy couples!


you've been together so long!!!!


I will admit to being shocked sometimes at how long my husband and I have been together... I don't feel old enough to have had a 19 year relationship!!

Cheri @ Blog This Mom!

Happy 28 years of loving him since you were four years old. ;-)


Loved what Cheri said! :)

You and Mr. Fix-it are in it for the long haul. I can tell!


Awww! That's awesome!


time does pass so quickly

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