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January 15, 2009


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I want to win this so bad just for the sheer joy of finally winning something. Of course there's also the added bonus of knowing that my husband gets home before I do and will open the package and wonder who the hell sent it to me! I'm laughing already! God, if I don't win, I may just order the tool kit and have it sent here anyway. I have to set up a hidden camera for this!


sounds good to me! will it ship outside of the States?


I love the GUG story...I missed that one before...too funny.
**blushing** we already have this box. Coach got it for us a while ago. I rate it: "two thumbs up"

Cheri @ Blog This Mom!

It doesn't seem to come with an iPhone charger. ???

Mary Alice

You wild thing you. Well, I pass because (A) there is no lover in my bed these days...and (B) when the lover gets back, I'm not thinking we'll need any assistance spicing anything up in that department! Nothing like a forced abstinence to put the rev back in your motors.


Pick me, I love marital aids!


dude. i got the very same email. from exactly that guy. who referenced stuff i'd written. clever, no?

green girl

That is the craziest thing! I went to a party once and purchased some, ahem, marital aids. Yeah, nearly burned off Mr. D's prize gem in the process of applying said aid. Yowza!


I think it was definitely the board games that did it!
But I have to admit, the prize does look nice. If I win, my husband might just like that fact that I blog!


This is a cruel post BECAUSE I CURRENTLY AM SINGLE. But inventive none the less.


Marital aids? Man, I am all about those these days!

Anyway, marital aids would be much appreciated here since being pregnant has not made for much enjoyable "marital relations" these days.

Did you know you can get marital aid videos all netfilx style thanks to the internetz! I am not a huge fan but someone else in the house is and we'll I am open minded (I did work at a "marital aids" shop back in the day).


I think you should stamp "SEXXX Toys" all over the brown paper. :)

ms. changes pants while driving

OOO! OOO!! pick me! pick me!! and you can totally embarass me and have them deliver it with a megaphone. can you deliver it to my sister's office? she would DIE. hmm... not that i want to kill her. it would be hilarious. even if there wasn't a megaphone involved.

Melanie @ Mel, ADramatic Mommy

Awesome! This post is very timely as I've been wondering if I should get an "upgraded" marital aid. Off to peruse the site. And Drew, a coupon code would be great!


um, put my name into the hat please

Manic Mommy

I'm with Ms. Changes: I've got a good friend who just got married a few months ago!


He wrote to me, too. He's two-timing you! I was similarly taken aback.

And, no, I'm not interested in the giveaway. We don't need help. We just need some privacy.

apathy lounge

Sometimes I think my little "corner" of the blog world is just that. Little.


The "honey dust" with it's own "feather duster" Haa ha ha. Okay, I'm in.


LOL - I got that email - maybe I need to dig it up!


I already have a couple of these items, but don't use them nearly often enough!!!!

Hey, I just put a post up that has the picture of your get together with the other bloggers - the shoes one. Hope you don't mind. Let me know if it's a problem, and I'll take it off!

Minnesota Matron

Sigh. What? Must the Matron cover her eyes when she comes her now, you naughty thing, you!


I came across your blog from foolery, it's my first time here and uhhh, well... I think I'll be back! I love marital aids! I'm also not opposed to stamping SEXXX toys all over the brown paper package. What fun!


I swear I bought the 1984 version of that box for my husband as a honeymoon gift!

Loved the links - and your daughter will remember that little slip the rest of her life!


I'm not interested in the give away. But I would love to get e-mails asking me to give away thing (though I am not as confident as you, here. my comfort zone is a little more shy).


Back in my more frequent fishnet days I got carried away at one of those lingerie parties and bought that kit! Too funny.

Cheri @ Blog This Mom!


This is totally awesome timing since my laptop boyfriend has been captured by a band of renegade Apple Geniuses in the repair shop. I am unable to get into the Blogophere. (I've had to get my Obamagasms from television.) So . . . more time for green beans . . . and now they'll be served with extra hawtness!

With gratitude from:
Cheri, Tom, Kate, BOSSY, and the iPhone boyfriend.

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