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January 12, 2009


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stephanie (bad mom)

You are amazing with your 1 quart bag! Not that I had any doubt (and you didn't have far to go for hotness) but - you looook MAHvelous. And I'm so glad your attitude quickly and gorgeously rebounded. Boo to random guy, too.


People in Northern California act so superior to Southern Californians

They do?? Maybe it's just that Bay-Area crowd, some of them are pretty snooty ;o)


I'm so glad you went and had a good time and looked absolutely fabulous! The way to deal with snobby northern Californians is to tell them how much nicer Seattle is than San Francisco. ;-)


Hi! Good luck on the CSET! It's not that hard! :) (Just wait for the RICA!)


You should just point out to them that they don't really live in "Northern" California, but rather in the middle, and therefore how do they even KNOW it's better? At least YOU know where you live.

Or something like that.

(I can just never figured out why it's called that. I live on the "central coast" but it's not really central either, now is it?)

I'm probably the only one driven crazy by this.


How great....sometimes what we dread the most can be the most fun!!!!
I am sure Mr. Fix IT was glad you arrived.
You look fab...LOVE.YOUR.HAIR!!!!!
Love all the pics.


You look mah-va-lous! I should have YOU pack MY quart-sized ziploc baggie!
With a hotel room like that (and such a hawt wife), I'm sure Mr. Fit-It was very glad you made it there to join him.

Great photos, too!


Okay...first of all...You...looked gorgeous! The pictures you took are incredible...isn't it wonderful to visit a beautiful place and have such memories...next vacation, you might want to visit again!!
Half-moon Bay Harbor? Who else has gone there? The name seems familiar....Mrs. G perhaps??? Now this is going to bother me...where where WHERE have I heard that before??
Oh well....so glad you had such a great time!!


You looked great! The one quart bag was fine. You don't need any help. The hotel looked really nice too. Glad you had a great time.


Great photos! It looks like a lot of fun! I need an overnight vacation like that :)


Better to feel stupid about whining than to feel stupid about not going. I'm glad you enjoyed. Lovely photos, particularly the self-portrait.

green girl

I am so glad it worked out okay! Gorgeous pictures--and you looked HOT with your quart bag o' liquids helping out:)


You looked stunning!

And that is one big camera! Those pictures are awesome. What program are you using to create that collage?

Glad you had a good time!!!


I LOVE your hair!!!

Jen on the Edge

You look gorgeous and I love the new hair color. I'm glad you had a good time.


OH, this looks divine! And you look gorgeous.

What IS it about that! Recently we were up north and in response to saying that I lived in the LA area, she responded "OH, I'm sure you're so glad to be here. Why would you live there?"


You're right. I missed this the first time. Don't know how...thanks for thinking of us knitters!

Baby Favorite

You look so beautiful! LOVE the pictures you took, too.

And I think So Cal is FAR superior. ;-)

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