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January 13, 2009


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But think what kind of blog post it would be post-mountain lion attack!


TOO funny! I have similar soundtracks in my head!

Glad you survived death by mountain lion and highway 67!

So you can still be here to meet me! I'm counting on that!

Smalltown Mom

I had a disaster movie soundtrack running in my head on the plane. It didn't help that the hotel TV showed "Airport" one night. "Flip the channel," I cried (one of the few times I have ASKED him to flip).

Glad you survived your soundtrack!


I love hearing other people's soundtracks, it makes me feel less nuts. That didn't come out right, you're not nuts. Oh hell, no getting out of it now. We're all nuts.

mrs. g.

It's like you taped my inner monologue!


I recognize this inner monologue and smiled through most of it. I hear an echo in my own head... :)



Manic Mommy

That's pretty much how I stop and smell the roses - waiting for bees to sting.


I thought I was the only one who's mind raced like that with crazy thoughts....great post. I may have to borrow this idea one day too!!!


Same here, but if I'm not careful I start muttering under my breath the things that I'm thinking. Sheesh.

Little Miss Sunshine State

You could stand BEHIND your son, but then a mother is supposed to put herself between her child and danger. It's too bad you didn't bring a grocery bag with a steak in it, so if the mountain lion comes you could throw it really hard in another direction. It's a good thing to have a cell phone on a walk, but what if the mountain lion attacks your hands and you can't dial the phone!

I have those voives in my head when I'm just walking down the street.


Hey, stream of conciousness writing...love it. Pretty waterfall. :)

ms. changes pants while driving

huh, i've only ever been to green valley falls when the park was open. the waterfalls weren't so water and fall-y. maybe i'll break into a park and check it out. i love those falls. i love the little stream it turns into. the smooth rocks are amazing.

green girl

Oh honey, we all talk ourselves out of a good time now and then. That's why I quit watching TV news--I'd never leave my house!


We watched a thing about bears attacking on animal planet the other night and now the soundtrack running through my head? What if a bear attacks us this year while we're camping. We've never come into contact with one, but surely after all these years of camping, we are due. Should I make the kids put their sleepig bags in the middle of the tent and rooster and i on the outsides? So our heads get eaten first but then the kids are safe? But what if. . .

You can see where this is going.

Deb D

I'm LOL because I've had nearly that exact same soundtrack in my head (except when we lived on the west coast we called them cougars). I even got a Golden Retriever as a sacrifice/early warning system.

The Girl Next Door

Stop living in my head and stealing my stuff....


I had similar (not quite so funny) thoughts the last time I hiked in mountain lion country.

Jessica Bern

Have you met Marinka from nycmomandmore.blogspot.com. I think you two have a lot in common


Did you see the article in the latest EW about the woman who was attacked by a bear in her back yard? OMG. !!!


That is so funny. The train of thought inside people's heads never ceases to amaze and entertain me.

Jennifer H

Oh honey. I'm so there.

Two nights ago, the night before our next hike, I was thinking that maybe I should buy a knife to carry with me, that way if my friend gets attacked I can hit the mountain lion in the head with a big rock first, stunning it, and then I can use the knife to finish it off if I have to. Not that I want to kill a mountain lion, because I don't, but really if it's IT or me or my friend, that cat's going down.

But, wait, does my friend have a plan like this? What if I'm attacked and can't reach a big rock or my knife?

And I had the same thoughts about being disfigured! Would it make me a tough girl, or would I be devastated?

And yet I still went hiking. Giving you a big high-five from here! Loved this!

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