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January 12, 2009


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Grown-up Girl

I feel like this was a totally transparent attempt at getting me to comment. I'll do it, but just because it serves the mutual purpose of enabling me to live out a blogospheric commentator's fantasy: Whooooooooooooooooooooooooo first!!


Hi! :) Just started following your blog the other day! :)


just found your blog through another one.


Happy Delurking day! Wouldn't you be surprised if people you do know in real life comment?

Mary Alice

Hey...I'm not a lurker. But I read you and I think it would be interesting to have everyone of our readers, lurkers and open readers alike, comment one day and see how many comments we get.

Belle (from Life of a...)

Happy Delurking Day!


Ha Ha. I love this...I have some of the same people day to day and they never say anything. scary? maybe.
Good luck w/ this.


Happy Delurking Day from a non-lurker. :)

Sass E-mum

Oh I like that.


I am far from a lurker on your blog, but Happy Delurking Day anyway! You should start an offical campaign to draw out of the lurkers in the blogosphere and educate 'em on how annoying that can be to their blog writing friends. Don't we get paid in comments?

Jeanette in Texas

I loved reading about your short trip this weekend. That really sounds fun. You did great with little supplies! I think all these little random things that we do that are not a part of our normal rountine are what makes life great! I just wish I had more of them.


It's Delurking Day? Should I have also brought something to drink? I'm so embarrassed...I didn't know. SO glad I stopped by!! Have a great day!!


I am commenting, I am a lurker, mostly because I usually read blogs while nursing my little one and do not have hands free to type, I usually have best intentions of going back to comment but it never happens -- but I love to read!


From a former lurker as well as a former Northern Californian, I love living in Southern California and am glad to add a note to your comment section. Gladys


I actually de-lurked for the Half-Moon Bay post. But I will gladly de-lurk again. I check your blog frequently, but don't always have a chance to comment.

Love your blog!


Been lurking for a few months. Love your blog. I'm jealous of your California lifestyle as I'm currently freezing my butt off in Toronto.

Megan Gibby

Been lurking long time.


OOHHH! I love delurking day! I have a question for you. I figured with your backbone and experience with your own kids, you might have an answer for me... the question is in today's post on my blog here:
Thanks! LOVE your blog!


I only lurk two or three days a week. The other days I try to leave comments. Does that mean I'm not really a lurker and am just jumping on the bandwagon?


geez......lurking sounds kind of yucky.....I thought I was just reading and enjoying :-)


Oh happy day!


Is that what lurkers look like?

Moxy Jane

BOO! Love the flasher graphic!! Just the thing to bring all us weirdos out from behind the bushes!!

Moxy Jane
Austin, TX


I'm not a lurker. That's not my style - I always have to put my 2 cents in! I do wish I knew how to put that picture on my blog today, though...


I'm not a lurker, but we all love comments!

Happy delurking day to you :)


Happy delurking day! I don't often comment as I'm always in a hurry or being interrupted, but I enjoy reading you.


Not a lurker, but it has been a while since I commented on your blog...


I'm totally a lurker. I blame the sheer number of blogs in my RSS reader. Well, and my general personality. But just for today, I'll de-lurk. :)

Amy Amy Bo Bamey

I have commented before but I am guilty of being a lurker too because I will read and then not comment.


you know me, Jenn, but our beagles do not yet know each other....

Don Mills Diva

Well, I'm not exactly a lurker but thought I should say hi anyway - you know I luvs ya!


I rarely lurk on your blog...almost always comment!


I love Grown Up Girl's comment. Too cute!

Manic Mommy

I wish the friends and family that read my blog would comment! I find that cross posting it to my Facebook at least gets me the feedback I crave.

Smalltown Mom

I'm not a lurker, but I have been gone for a while!


Happy delurker day. I never comment on blogs, otherwise I'd do nothing else!


HERE!!!! *raising hand*

Amy up in Warshington!

Jen on the Edge



I'm not a lurker. I am a comment lover, and I know the importance of them to a blogger!


Happy delurking day!

San Diego Momma

Hi, it's me! Just stopping by to say I'm not a lurker, but I love you anyway!

ccr in MA

I've commented before ... haven't I? My info is there. Anyway, Hi!

How did I not know it was DeLurking Day? I posted about my new cat, and didn't say a thing about lurking. Missed my chance!


Happy Delurking! I love the photos from your trip.

apathy lounge

Present and accounted for!! You're doing so much better than me today...comment-wise.


I am here to state that I am not a lurker either! I understand the value of a comment!


Hi Jenn - I enjoy your blog daily and I'm sorry I haven't commented until now. I am a fellow San Diego native now raising my own kids here. I love your blog and will make an effort to comment regularly. You have a great family!


I'm not really de-lurking. But saying "hi"!


Jenn, you and Mary Alice RULE at getting the lurkers delurked! :)How fun.

As you know, I am not a lurker but a true fan of blabbling comments.


Sorry I'm late, but you know I come here daily... don't you?


I always miss delurking day! Booo for me.

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