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January 28, 2009


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Good grief, I'm struggling to make instant oatmeal over here. FOR THE (ALMOST) LAST TIME. ADOPT ME.


My absolute, favouritist kind of pie.

You're making me hungry!

Smalltown Mom

It's a lemony night. We made a lemon pudding cake.

Kalynne Pudner

As soon as I'm off this diet, I'm booking a flight to SD. How much lead time do you need to duplicate that meal for me?

Reluctant Blogger

Oh I love lemon meringue pie. Not that mine would look like that - things I make either taste good or look good, I never manage both.

I bet you didn't save me any though, did you? Not that I could eat the pastry - I'd just have to scoop out the inwards in a wholely impolite fashion.

Bad and cheeky nephew.


Yummy. This post is making my breakfast of champions, Diet Pepsi, look a little lame this morning.

Jen on the Edge

That silly boy. Someone needs to teach him never to pass up such an amazing meal.


The entire meal sounds PERFECT. Love the salad...yummo.
I have not tried to make meringue yet...looks perfect though.

Manic Mommy

Your nephew sounds HRH. I should purchase stock in Easy Mac - and dinosaur chicken.

Love lemon meringue - so light!

green girl

Your mad kitchen skillz have me drooling today.


Geez, you would be VERY disappointed if you ever came to my house for dinner!


I only have one thing to say... YUM!

Prof. J.

I'm thinking that next time you should invite me and let your nephew fend for himself.


And you didn't throttle the kid??? I've had that happen at my house too.


Got leftovers? I'm willing to give up the pie (much as I adore it) for the rest of the menu!

(Silly me -- of course you don't have leftovers. You have a teenage boy!)


No offense but your nephew sounds like a three year-old not an eighteen year-old.


You wouldn't have to call me twice to the table. Sounds delicious!

Mary Alice

Awwwwwww....I want I want, I want....yum lemon pie. My Mama used to make those....I don't know why I havent? I always do blackberry or apple.


Such a philistine does not deserve such a fabulous pie. Next time give him a Twinkie and ship me the pie. And the dinner.


Now I am hungry
time to go look in the fridge


rotten kid!


YUM! My hubby would LOVE that pie!!

Have a good evening - Kellan

Baby Favorite

Mmmm... you're killing me here with all of this food talk!


sounds like my cousin's kids and grandkids. Gah. Pie looks lovely!

apathy lounge

Get back! Get back! I'm aiming to get a grip on the "shred" and control my eating. This is not helping! THIS IS NOT HELPING!!


And why don't you live next door to me?????????

Cheri @ Blog This Mom!

Can I be your nephew?


I'm coming over, too!


Easy Mac? Gross! Your pie? YUM!

Just Jamie

Holy frick. I must have me some of that pie.


Silly, kidlets. He could have had one badass dinner AND pie.


Silly, kidlets. He could have had one badass dinner AND pie! Yeesh.


i have never seen a more fabulous pie.

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