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January 20, 2009


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Lovely. I can hardly believe our good fortune to live in these times, you know? Even a few months ago I would have called it bad fortune.


Hope = assasination in their cases. And don't forget Harvey Milk. I was around for all of them and the tragedies that followed this "hope" broke our nation.

Hope is too big a word for government, which never changes.


Some of the folks I work with said...you want to watch the inauguration? Why? I replied if you have to ask that question, you'll never understand my answer (and inside I thought to myself how sorry I felt for them that they've become so cynical they can't feel hope).

Belle (from Life of a...)

I just commented to someone else as to how hope is such an amazing thing. Obama's charisma and intellect, combined with such humility and calm demeanor will come together to a make him, most likely, one of the most amazing leaders we have ever known.


I'm sorry you can't be there today. The energy & excitement is incredible (although taking my gloves off at 7:30am to take pictures = fingers so cold they hurt after only 3 minutes).


Yay! I have hope, and I have inspiration to keep looking for ways that I can be a part of the good changes this country makes. I hope everyone will keep their eyes open and recognize their opportunities, big or small, local or far-reaching, as they present themselves. Today is going to be a great day!


Wonderful. I'm keeping my 8 year old home from school today so we can watch it together. He doesn't get the big significance of it, but I hope someday he'll remember.


green girl

Lucky, lucky us!


"They do not become cliché."


Memarie Lane

There's an old man that sits on the corner near us with a cardboard sign that just says "change." I know he just means money, but it gets me every time.

Jessica Bern

My daughter is only 5 and I wish she could understand what today really means but what is most important is that it happened in her lifetime and she'll know eventually how much her life will be altered for the better down the road


Amen. That was beautiful. My 16 year-old mentioned to me that one day she would be able to tell her kids about today. And I told her that I hoped that her kids would wonder why electing a Black man was such a big deal.


Wonderful words and so true! As I was taking my son (16) to school today he said "I'm so glad to be living through this time in our history." It warmed my heart.

San Diego Momma

Ooooo, I love it when you write stories and craft poems and stuff.

Awesome. I love the (with shining eyes) especially.

phd in yogurtry

It's wonderful that our kids and our future grandkids will take for granted what happened on this momentous day. Hooray for progress and for change!


I love this! Amen to hope.

My kids really were into watching the inauguration! And they really got into the speech! Most of them are ELL students so it was particularly powerful to watch!

stephanie (bad mom)

Poignant, ringing, so full of lightness. Thank you.

The Mom Bomb

Loved his inaugural address. We could use some hope right about now!

mrs. g.

Beautiful J!


Wonderful! Bittersweet that your mom can't see this, but maybe she can...

What an exciting time to grow up with President Obama!


Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful

Just Jamie

Ooh. So, so good.

Irish Goddess


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