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January 29, 2009


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A friend quit smoking. He's been clean from heroin for nearly 25 years (which makes him a walking, talking miracle) and says that quiting smoking was even harder. Go figure.

If your theory is correct, I hope he makes it.

Cheri @ Blog This Mom!

I concur with your theory.


This story makes me a little sick to my stomach. I empathize a bit too much with the possible aging parents who are watching over him.




I love people watching! I used to go to the airport, an awesome place for people watching. I used to want so badly to take pictures of the people getting off the planes, greeting family members and friends. I could have taken some amazing shots!


hmm, i wonder how close to the truth you are...?
interesting. will you find out do you think? i think you should follow him and see what he does. and then strike up a conversation in the coffee shop. and then come back and tell us.
not that i'm nosey or anything


Love your theory...sounds dead on to me...but do we EVER know someone elses story?
I love this...I also see some of the same people over and over in town and it makes me wonder..."Just what is YOUR story"
Great post Jenn.

Prof. J.

My mother used to make up stories for the folks she'd see. I used to get impatient with her--"You can't know that" -- and now I miss that sweet trait. I've even caught myself doing it from time to time.


If that is the case, maybe he is lucky to have the support?

green girl

People who are so --"off" I guess would be the word--intrigue me, too. I agree, you must strike up a conversation. And learn he just got out of prison, can't get a job and is just getting by day to day or something like that. Iraq vet? Hmmmm....my theories abound.


OOH! I love creating stories for other people's lives. Good post! I hope you talk to him one day and see how the theory holds up :)

San Diego Momma

Who'd you ever station yourself somewhere on his walk, befriend him and find out the real story?

I'd love to know.

Although that does seem drastic.


I do this all the time. I pick out people and then build a story for them. I hope your right and this guy is going in the right direction.


I love to people watch too! I wonder if your theory is correct?


Great real, slice-of-life story there, Jenn. I am SO CURIOUS now! You have to figure out a way to find out and report back!


Jenn, this makes me want to go and hug him (and you). But...the smoke keeps me away ;-) (him, not you).

Baby Favorite

My brother who's mentally ill walks a lot, too. He can drive but can't afford gas for an entire month, so he ends up walking for about two weeks' worth of it. He, too, has a strange gait, which is actually a symptom of his illness (interestingly enough). I thought of that as soon as you mentioned that fellow's limp. Many people mistake my brother for a homeless man and offer him money, cans or clothing. I wonder what they'd think if they knew he has a sister who provides for him as much as I do! It's all just fascinating to me. I love to people watch and wonder often about peoples' situations... probably should've majored in Sociology.

Manic Mommy

My mom and I always create backstories for people. I actually wrote something about it today.

We'll hold both of our 'people' in our hearts today.


I bet you're right, although Baby Favorite's comment was interesting.


Why does it have to be a sad story? Why do we all make up these stories when they are almost always about the terrible things people have done? I mean, you assume he's headed in a more positive direction now.. but still. Doing meth? Recovering alcoholic? Who are any of we to decide what he did or didn't do?

Maybe he served our beautiful country and was dismissed with an injury that caused the limp. Maybe he has some sort of mental illness that prevents him from driving or working or living on his own. Maybe he is against the idea of paying $5 for Starbucks coffee, so he chooses a tasty, cheaper alternative.

Maybe he has some crazy story going for what your life is like as well. But if you found out he classified you as a meth addict..?

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