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January 22, 2009


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Sounds like it was a rough day (or night?). I hope things destress for you soon.

David's gearing up for conference/travel season. I am definitely not supermom... and infinitely glad when he gets back.


Events from the past few days with "my teenagers" have made me want to adopt emergency measures far more severe than the ones you're employing.... I share your anger and frustration!


You ARE scaring me for my future. I hope this storm is brief. And those kids...too cute for words.


Ah but they grew from toddlerhood to teens way too quickly. This too shall pass.


I couldn't wait to read this one. Now you have me petrified of single parenthood. Great! Just kidding, Sort of.

When Brian traveled incessantly when the boys were 2-4, I had it DOWN. I was so good at it, that when he did come home, I lost my groove.

I can see how toddlers would win this battle.



I love you...you know that...but today...I'm not humored at all by your post. Usually I come here and I get all warm and fuzzy feelings and I go away feeling so much better...today? no. not so much as I have my own eye-rolling, back-talking, smart-mouthing to deal with...from a 10-year-old and his 6-year-old "shadow". This is not good.
Shall we meet somewhere in the middle of here and there for drinks? I'm thinking that would be Hawaii...see you Sunday? :-D

Manic Mommy

I didn't mind Andy traveling so much when I was working. The boys were accounted for and I got to be relatively normal during my work hours. But now that I'm home (and facing *the entire month of April* alone), I fear for my sanity.

I find myself respecting more and more the work of the single mom. I can not imagine having someone to tag team with.


Two year olds backtalk too. You just can't understand them. Luckily.
Good luck!


I'm Sorry.

They sense weakness, and divide and conquer is their favorite tactic, to my understanding anyway. I'll be joining you in a few months, with a teen and a toddler. Pray for me too.


I hear ya - hit them where it hurts. Right in the text messaging.

Have a great day!

Prof. J.

I am holding you all in the light. (And I'm grateful that all I have is a puppy who jumps and chews a lot and two old dogs on whom she can focus much of that energy).


Yes, some things ARE much easier with toddlers...'cause they are still learning how to act. Teens? they SHOULD know how to act...but then again, they have huge attitudes too. :)
good luck.
It warms my heart to know that yours are NOT perfect either.
take care,

Smalltown Mom

Good luck.

I was the maddest I've ever been at my 18 year old this weekend.


I feel your pain Jenn. My husband is working at his new job in Colorado, and he comes home every other weekend. Which has basically left me as a single mom of two teenage girls and one six year-old who thinks she's a teenager. I think the hardest thing for me is when the older two are out...I'm always nervous until everyone is home. Or when the 14 year-old gives me attitude, which is like every day of her life.

But I'll take the teens over the toddlers any day. Toddlers are far too labor-intensive. I like kids who can wipe their own noses and butts, tie their own shoes, and who actually have homework, not "momwork." I like kids that you can actually have a conversation with (even if they are rolling their eyes.) Hang in there...there are always "those days." You know, when you want to kill them.


Oh no. This sounds mighty hard!!!


Once again I thank God my kids are grown. Now all I have to contend with is failed romances and empty pocket books.

green girl

Good luck--that single parenting is a tough gig. I'm always glad when Mr. D isn't on the road.


When they were toddlers they went to bed at 8 PM, that gave me a little peace each day. Now? I have to fight to stay awake waiting for them to come home and I find it EXHAUSTING.

The Girl Next Door

You send me yours, I'll send you mine and we'll have them BEGGING to go back home. heh-heh. Blogging moms UNITE!


I LOVE lockdowns. Can I play?


At some point they go from being "awwww so cute" to being "grrrrrr teens". My son is not bad at all, excpet in the morning. Dancing Daughter is another story. I pretty much treat her like I did when she was a toddler... a)I ignore her (not really) b)I acknowledge her pain and let her get it all out. c) I give her a cookie.

I'm exaggerating, kinda! Good luck!


Curse you, Hormones! CURSE YOU!!

Baby Favorite

Suddenly, my working outside the home full-time sounds like a dream vacation!

I'm sorry, Jenn. I hope it passes quickly!

phd in yogurtry

Two heads definately are better than one, where teens are concerned. Hang in there! Show some fangs!

Deb D

They're so cute though..............

Tomorrow will be a better day and in the end they'll love you all the more for caring enough. It's easier with backup though.


Just lock em in a closet for a few years...

Kalynne Pudner

I was going to say what The Girl Next Door said. Round robin, maybe? I think it might be the phase of the moon, as teen trouble seems epidemic. I've found the mantra, "Do not engage" to be helpful. And imagining them wearing diapers.

Melanie @ MelADramatic Mommy

Mine is 6 going on 16 and and the eye rolling, stomping and sighing has pushed my last nerve AND the one after that. But, I told him that in a battle of wills, I'm bigger (for now anyway) and I will win. Now I just need to keep reminding myself that!


Oh, Jenn, I'm sorry it's been rough. I *do* know the feeling; geographical single parenting sucks almost as much as the other kind.
Just chant this mantra -- "Grandchildren are the reward for not strangling your teenagers" -- while you are holding their electronic toys hostage!
And remind yourself how Grown-up Girl has turned into a wonderful young woman.

**I like Kalynne's suggestion: "imagining them wearing diapers." LOL


Wish the best of luck for you!

Happy blogging,

Toddler Safety

Just Jamie

I always love these glimpses of what is ahead... Oy.


You are a woman after my own heart.

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