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February 03, 2009


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In Holland it's "uh". There was a radio program where the challenge was to answer questions for a minute without saying "uh" once. Unbelievable how many people failed that challenge!!

Kalynne Pudner

C'mon, you gotta love "like" within three words of "Post-Modern, Post-Colonial Deconstructionist." Like, totally love it.


MY biggest pet peeve so far....a few of the friends of my girls talk like this all the time...really, I won't have them over very much because it drives me NUTS!!!!


Like wow man! I notice those "fill-ins" when listening to people, like, um and uh, being the most used. Sometimes I catch myself using them mostly when I'm nervous. So irritating to the ears!

Mary Alice

yeah...well, I'm all...that's how lots of people talk...and your all...whatever.


You know it really bothers me when people, like, you know, don't like, you know, listen and like, become, like, you know, mindful of their speech patterns, you know. Oh and the uhuhuhuhuh thing that Mr. Obama drives me crazy, like, you know.


like...what's wrong with like...that? Anyway? Huh.


Smalltown Mom

Where are the Mrs. Marriners nowadays?


It is a disease, I'm telling you. The other one that gets me is "ya know what I mean?" Do they want me to answer? Because usually I have NO IDEA what they mean.


Dang...I'm glad they did away with capital punishment in schools. And here I thought my husband has it hard just getting his knuckles whacked with a yardstick. :)

There are several speech patterns of teenagers that make me crazy, but the use of the word "like" as every fourth word in a sentence has got to be, like, one of the worst.


Those filler are prevalent in all languages and none of them does anything for me!


Wow, I'm really glad they did away with capital punishment in school! And here I thought my husband had it hard getting his knuckles whacked with a yardstick by the nuns.

There are many speech patterns of teenagers that make me crazy, but I think the insertion of the word "like" after every third word has to be, like, one of the worst.

PS. Jenn, I'm sorry for being a smart-ass. I know you meant corporal punishment. But I read that, then did a double-take and read it again, and then I pictured the electric chair in the principal's office. Which is totally not funny, except it made me laugh inappropriately.


I keep trying to post a comment but when I hit post it disappears. With my luck, I'll probably post three times now and look like a dork. I was just making a joke about your reference to capital punishment in schools. I know you meant corporal punishment and I was just being a smart-ass anyway, maybe that's why typepad doesn't like my comments. :)


I knew it. I'm a dork.


ARGH! That was a painful paragraph.
I'll be watching my p's and q's today.


Ha, to me that is the funniest thing to hear. When people actually talk like that it blows my mind. Once when I witnessed it in person I had to bite my tongue to keep from laughing hysterically.

Like totally!

Cheri @ Blog This Mom!

Like, wow.


all my punchlines are written above.

so true! so true!

The Mom Bomb

I remember in law school, some guy was answering a question and said "you know?" And the professor said, "No, actually, I don't know." I made a note to myself to try to curb that habit.

pat/clippy mat

mrs. marriner's sister/soul mate taught at my high school i'm certain. she would beat it out of you, literally, and/or publicly humiliate those who made any grammatical faux pas, on the page, or as slang in speech. which in a school of north east of england dialected slumdog peasants was an easy target for the sadistically inclined.
easy meat as it were.
scarred for life.
but never heard to say "eh?" "what?" "can i?", 'cos' or 'like'.


It's like, a scary world, you know...

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