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February 02, 2009


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This makes me look forward to having teenagers.

Amy Amy Bo Bamey

I have been wanting to take the kids there. Did you get the 2fer to go to the other park too? I think you get it free when you buy regular admission right now. Sounds like you hit up all the good rides. We live so close but never go, all my friends have passes but we don't want to get them because then it would not be special.


sigh...we were talking about Disney during the superbowl...i love The Magic Kingdom! My favorite ride has always been Pirates, closely followed by The Haunted Mansion. Space Mountain was the only roller coaster I was never really scared on!


Sounds like fun minus the blisters

I am trying to figure out a good age to take Gregory so that he will remember it.


I never get tired of Disney - at any age. Sounds like a good day.


Cute! We go to WDW about 6 times a year & it is funny the difference with our 5 year old & our 15 year old!


I loved WDW with our then 4 and 5-1/2 year olds. It was one of our best vacations EVER!!! I went as a teenager and hated it.

I have to ask - WTH is a CHIPWICH???



You're a brave woman.


"I don't care if they match, I'm wearing my New Balance cross-trainers." That's me, with NO blisters, although my feet still hurt by the end of the day. And I like Mr. Toad's Wild Ride!

When we were grade-schoolers, my folks would take us over to Tom Sawyer Island for an hour of respite. Kids got to run around instead of standing in line, and adults got to park themselves on a bench in the shade.

You are a good mom to let everyone sleep in this morning. We got home at 10:45pm from a Super Bowl party and my poor 9yo was so tired at 7am he was nearly ill. But I gave him toast and warm milk, walked him to the bus and sent him to school because he woke me up in time!

Baby Favorite

I love Disneyland.

You know, lately I've noticed that - as much as I adored my children as toddlers/preschoolers - they are so much more enjoyable to hang out with at the ages they are now!

Cheri @ Blog This Mom!

I love these posts because I can so relate having had teenagers.

I can tell you one thing I learned from our last D-Land trip. If I didn't already know it for sure before (and I did), Adam is a great guy for Kristen. He stayed awake and talked to me all the way home.


I LOVE Disney land! We were there a couple of years ago, and it was VERY crowded. As in, a sign was placed on Disney's parking lot saying: DISNEY LAND IS FULL. I wished I was joking.

Smalltown Mom

I was going to take the teens to Universal, however I ended up babysitting a toddler(well, not really anymore - he's 4) instead. Whew. Teens are much less tiring.


This is great Jenn. I agree, it is much easier when they are older....and you don't worry as much about then getting snatched away. Sounds like a fun day, aside from the blisters...yuck!!!

phd in yogurtry

I'm all for the big kids when it comes to all day outings. Well, some places. Disney would be excellent. Quiet stream in the wilderness? Not so much. Teens get b.o.r.e.d. and have to remind you of that fact every 20 seconds.


Phewwww. Bossy is now exhausted. Who does she see about that?


When I went to SDSU back in the olden days, DL had an admission price and a rides price. You could get in after 4 for the price of a movie and have the run of the park all evening. They always had music on the weekends and the fireworks! Memories...


Sounds like a great day, except for the blisters. I love having my teens, but sometimes they wear me out more than the toddlers. My daughter frequently claims neglect and abuse because we've never taken her to Disneyland!


This year we will be going to Disneyland with teenagers AND toddlers. What does that mean?


As much fun as it was watching The Steelers win it, and my kid dancing around screaming "GO!", I am jealous. Totally jealous.
You can drive there in an hour and a half. WHY do I live here?

green girl

But I bet you have fun either time;) Too bad the blisters insist on showing up each trip.

Jennifer H

I might just wait a few years. :-)


I'm glad mine are growing up...apart from the hormones, life is much easier!

Melanie @ MelADramatic Mommy

It's definitely nice not having to take a stroller. We went for 2 days in early December. We took my niece and pulled the kids out of school. We kept them at the park until midnight both nights. I needed two days to recover.


Hope that little bit of extra sleep helped with the blisters! We still haven't taken the kids yet, and I'm actually looking forward to it. No more strollers. But, perhaps snacks and extra clothes...

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