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February 13, 2009


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Ooohhh...I had a similar landing on my skull during the Northridge earthquake. Only mine was a trophy case.

Cheri @ Blog This Mom!

You poor little thing! Today you'd be hit in the head with your flying computer!

I remember that quake. It woke me up. I was a light sleeper then, and now.

California Dreamin' takes on a whole new meaning for us.

phd in yogurtry

A drawer bed, what a concept! What I wouldn't give to slide my bed, aka hide my bed, instead of make it each morning. Takes 6 feet of empty space behind the wall to pull that off. Or maybe those five steps up into the bathroom are part of the explanation? Fascinating.

Ms. Changes Pants While Driving

don't SAAAAAY the "e" word out loud! it'll hear you!


i sleep like that too -- unless my kids stir, then i'm up in a flash...


Wow. You have a great memory.
The apt makes me think of Laverne and Shirley. :)


I love the vivid imagery of the basement apartment.
The irony of a sound-asleep, voracious reader being hit on the head by an Encyclopedia Brittanica is not lost on me. Could it have been volume E?

Manic Mommy

Your first "where were you when" moment. I've never experienced an earthquake. Around here, we tell Blizzard of '78 stories.


Wow, can you still sleep like that? I used to sleep like that - I once slept through a band practicing at a hotel. Since having my son, though, I have turned into a light sleeper.

Smalltown Mom

We had a bed like that when I was 5! Over it was a big cupboard which I used as my playhouse.


ohhhh way tmi on Granny's bathroom habits LMAO!


Your kids sure do look like their mom, don't they??

Minnesota Matron

That is a real party trick, my dear!


Oh crumbs you are like me - I slept through the storm in 1987...a tree came in my bedroom window, but I got up in the morning, ignored the tree branches, got dressed in the dark - no electricity...walked to the train station, along with hundreds of other commuters...and waited for the train...which didn't come, as the track was littered with more trees that the hurricane had laid waste to! How British am I? Talk about stiff upper lip!

Have a super weekend


I loved this story. I'm impressed that you slept through that earthquake too. I can't sleep through anything.


I've slept through some biggies myself.

And we were alone (being babysat by grandparents) when the 1991 Bay Area earthquake hit (the one that caused the Bay Bridge to break and the Cypress freeway to collapse onto itself). My parents were in Mexico watching the World Series when the earthquake hit.

And you know, they didn't even bat an eye, freak out, or anything when they saw and heard about the quake. They just assumed we'd be fine.


This story did not end the way I thought it would!

I don't like earthquakes. Not one bit.

Reluctant Blogger

I spent a really lovely summer in Venice Beach once.

I sleep through everything too if it happens between 1am and 5am. Here I slept through the great hurricane of 1987 - trees fell down around our house but I thought everyone was joking when I woke up the next day and it wasn't till I looked outside that I realised.


holy crap. What was that???? Are we having an...........


Love the picture of you. All of these memories are so clear in your mind, it's amazing. And fun to read.


I love how you capture these moments with your grandma! And that photo looks a lot like your youngest, doesn't it?!

Great writing.

green girl

Oh wow. I cannot imagine what that would feel like!
Murphy beds and claw footed bathtubs. Sigh.


My sister slept thru the 6.8 in 1994. So did her dog. I grabbed a case of beer and ran downstairs to a neighbor's.

Baby Favorite

We lived in Costa Mesa back then, and my mother claims I slept through it, too. Even through her screaming!

I did not, however, sleep through the 7.3 Landers quake back in the early 90's. I will never, ever forget that one!

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