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February 27, 2009


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Come on over, Jenn - you being here would be reason enough to host a party!


... and since you're travelling east - keep going! I'll even save up some dishes so you'll have lots to do!
Great story, and one I recognize from my own life. I thought the piles of laundry at the house of a friend was atemporary thing becuase she had been sick for a week... Little did I know they habitually took the clean clothing straight from that pile - and the closets echoed from being empty.


What a great story...well, we would love to hear more about the night in the limo/drinking at the 7-11 too. :)
I have a few friends that are messy...and their houses are always cleaner after I leave too.


That is a good one! I was at someone's house recently and I had to bite my tongue to stop myself from visibly showing my shock at the condition of the home! It looked like a toy store exploded! And, my favorite part was when my kid picked up a half eaten, days old, grilled cheese sandwich that was on an end table and almost took a bite!

Manic Mommy

Oops! But clearly a good friend who laughs with you.

Cheri @ Blog This Mom!

You can't come to my house right now Jenn. Don't come. Stay home. And if you do come? Don't bring your camera. Oy.

Smalltown Mom

Thanks for a great story that made me smile. But don't look at my dust!


You just wrote a page from my own history. I lived in Navy Houseing in SD and had a next door neighbor who we would often have family dinners together. I would clean her house and help her cook. She was the type that would let it sit until the mood struck her while I on the other hand can't let the dish sit anywhere and have been known too wash the glass with which you are drinking while you are well still drinking. ;)


I'll let you clean my kitchen and my bedroom and my bathroom! I hate doing that kind of stuff! This was hilarious!


Come stay with me for a week or so...you've always wanted to visit Boston, right? Please!

green girl

That sounds like the kind of friend I need more of!


I'd love to hear about drinking in the 7-11, that sounds like a great story!

One of my friends was over at my house once and she saw dust bunnies behind my microwave cart and she just had to clean them. We both had a good laugh. She said, "if I see it, I gotta clean it."


Jenn, I'm throwing a party just so I can invite you to come clean before and after. I will keep your drink of choice full the entire evening... you have my word.


That's a great story! It's nice to have friends like that too... ones you can laugh with at anything.


That's such a funny one. You could have lost that friendship right there on the spot!

Were you a neat freak when you had a bunch of toddlers, too?


There is definitely more to tell on 7-11 or Jenn's adventures at 7-11!

Facebook has been great at catching up with people.

Helping with clean-up is a true friend.

The Girl Next Door

I hearted you before now I totally love you. Come clean and drink any time! And reminds me of when the neighbors were watching our friends' house while they were away -and called the police b/c the place had "obviously" been burglarized and ransacked. Turns out not....just the normal state of being.


Hahaha! Great story! And I'm inviting you to the next party we have!


Where the hell were you on Mardi Gras? I most certainly could have used the help washing up! ;)


Too funny.

It is good to have friends that you can just laugh with.

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