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February 22, 2009


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phd in yogurtry

my favorite is the family who shops together .. strolling down the aisles, two or three abreast, as if it's a pleasant outing and nothing more. THIS IS NOT A MALL, PEOPLE!


LOL I so know what you mean! That is why I try to avoid Wal Mart on the weekends.


I LOVE THIS POST. I agree with you 500%.
I know what I am buying at the store...I don't understand people who clog the isle. Really? I always have my debit card out and my shopping bags ready to pack at the register. And for sure, my favorite pet peeve is the people at costco/sams who only come to eat the samples...they are SOOO in my way all the time. :)
I would be behind you in the start of your system....the even/odd shopping days.
Where do I need to send a letter to????
:) suz


I agree with the whole lot of you. I read once that people will QUICKLY give up a phone booth, parking spot if they know there is no one waiting for them. But the inherent DNA in humans makes us territorial so we dilly dally when there are people WAITING. I was yelling at the article, NOT SOME OF US!


I can totally relate! THIS is why my husband now does most of our grocery shopping... that and he likes doing it. He's odd like that.


Patience is a virtue because it keeps you from exploding at other people. If you didn't erupt like Mt. Vesuvius, you kept your patience; therefore, you are a virtuous woman.
Like my logic? ;)

Perhaps there could be fast lanes and slow lanes in the grocery aisles? Nah... few would be honest about their true speed.** So how about if people pull their carts to the SIDE?!?!! And really?! I'm supposed to PAY for this gasoline?? (Guess that bugs me, too)
I can't get my shopping accomplished that fast (at least not that much, that fast) but I do appreciate your efficiency model.

**I once ran a 12K where your starting place in line was determined by your "Honest Estimate" of end time. If you were going to be up with the really fast folks, you had to turn in proof, but everyone else just gave their time. Obviously many folks were not honest, because I was not a fast runner... but I was still passing other runners as I approached the finish line.


I'm a browser in grocery stores...I like to see what's new! However, I'm totally with you on the gas station and parking situation :-)


I can't stand meanderers in the grocery store. I have a certain number of minutes before my two kids get bored and start fussing. But even worse, picking the wrong checkout line. For which I am famous.


You changed your profile picture.

I got distracted and forgot what I was originally going to say.

Oh yeah. Jenn, s o m e t i m e s you just gotta stop and smell the tea.



yeah, you'd probably kick my ass if you saw me in the grocery store. and i'd deserve it.


We could also do genetic testing to find out who is which and then only allow each side to marry each other? :-)


Wow - we shop at all the same stores, except that our Henry's closed, so now I shop at Sprouts, and my nearest Target has a really BAD grocery section - pathetic, really, so I no longer bother. And, I completely understand your frustration. Especially the people who park their cart in the middle of the aisle, then stroll around perusing items up and down the aisle, and get offended if you attempt to move their cart out of the way. And, people who wait until things are rung up, and items are bagged, then say "Oh, wait! I have coupons!" and then spend a few minutes digging around in their capacious handbags looking for them. I am behind those people a LOT, it seems. I like your idea of odd/even days!
And, I like this photo of you - great haircut!


So I'm not the only one that wonders if I'm the only one in the store that actually seems to be aware of my surroundings and that there are other people in the store?

It's most frustrating when you have laryngitis and cannot speak to save your life and discover that it also means it's impossible to get people's attention when you can't yell EXCUSE ME at those who block the entire aisle with their carts. I should have gotten one of those bicycle horns to honk at them.


You make me laugh. I have no doubt you appear to be the nicest and most patient person on earth, but I also have no doubt inwardly you are screaming!


The (perfectly healthy) people who lean over their shopping carts for support as they push them slowly down the middle of the aisle? The ones who act as if they have never seen a grocery store before? They need a day all to themselves.

But the car thing - hey, there are other parking spots - give the poor woman a break. She's probably just doing some deep breathing exercises to bring down her blood pressure after navigating the store with 4 kids. Or, she's rummaging around the floor of her car for some essential toy to keep her 2-year-old from screaming bloody murder all the way home. Or, she's unwrapping a Lindt chocolate ball to eat as a reward to herself for not yelling at anyone during the outing.

Not that I do any of that, or anything...

Manic Mommy

I was plagued by the slow, m e a n d e r i n g shoppers yesterday. The ones who parallel park their carts along the meat case or in front of the yogurt selections. They get to the checkout a milisecond ahead of me, and are mystified by the self-scanning checkout setup. To top it all off they must have called their friends to drive my route home.

Cheri @ Blog This Mom!


I let Laura leave a comment on another blog, and now I have to remember to change the sign-in name every time I comment now.

So . . . it was me, Cheri & Blog This Mom!, who said sometimes you gotta stop and smell the tea!



I agree. The Saint wants old people banned from the stores after 5PM M-F and all weekend so the working stiffs rushing throught the store can get what they need and get out!

green girl

EVERYONE is out on Friday--I don't get it either. If you have time to go during the weekday, you ought to--it saves everyone time!
I find the more my hurry, the slower the folks ahead of me.


I am the same way. I know what I want I even make my list out in the pattern of the store so that there is no going back and forth. I have a method to my madness and in that madness is an almost ODC effecientness. I do not like to go shopping for clothes with other people. I hate tagging along while someone touches and feels every single thing in the store. I am a go in get what I need get the hell out person. My husband calls it combat shopping.

Baby Favorite

My favorite is when someone is blocking the aisle with both their body and cart, and you hover nearby for a few moments -- clearly within their line of vision -- hoping they will take the hint and scoot aside, and when they don't, you say - in your SWEETEST, most gentle, non-threatening voice, "Excuse me!" --and then they glare at you and SIGH. It's days like that that I find myself saying, "I hate people." (When, really, I don't... but I hate those KINDS of people.)

Sign me up for the Efficient People days, please.


Hahahaha! I'm efficient (shopping without kids) and slow (shopping with kids). So this even/ uneven schedule.. would be to complicated :)

great post!


I'm so with you! I'm an in and out of the store shopper, my husband the opposite, drives me crazy when we shop together.

Reluctant Blogger

haha you are so funny. It would be interesting to see if people put themselves in the correct category, wouldn't it? I see myself as being efficient but I do occasionally daydream in the supermarket and dither over which cheese to buy so you might think I should be out on an "inefficient" day. It would need policing.

The paying thing does make me cross. Sometimes people stand in a queue for five minutes doing nothing but gaze around and then when it's their turn they thrash around in their bags unable to find their money. Oooooh I often feel like offering to have a delve for them!


You may very well, absolutely, be on to something!


I love that you acknowledge your extreme efficiency is as annoying to those not like you as their lack of it is to you. Perfect.



THAT was a very efficient solution to an age old problem.

Which is why, I'm afraid, it would NEVER work.

Inefficient people never know the date, either.

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