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February 05, 2009


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Jessica Bern

That is the fear of every writer for sure. Even when I register my piece with the Writer's Guild I know I'm not fully protected. It is just wrong on so many levels


AMEN! I had to write on this, too. So irritating . . .

The whole blog disrespect is nearing epidemic proportions.

stephanie (bad mom)

Well said, and WOW. The anxiety & insecurity is so obvious & pitiful in some people, no?

How do "Journalists" not realize that many of us so-called Mommy Bloggers DO have experience with 'real' writing, if not have actual DEGREES? Ignorant & insulting, that's what they are.


That's low. I haven't followed the link yet, but I will....


Google reader caught my name in a New Mexico newspaper, the state's largest. They reprinted comments I had made about New Mexico governor Bill Richardson, as though I had been interviewed. They got some facts wrong, like where I live. They never told me anything or asked anything----an email would have been nice, the sh!theads.


Wow. She got screwed.
I bet it does happen a lot...not a good thing!!!


My parents are always warning me not to put my poems online, for fear of someone stealing one. Now I'm wondering if they are right!


I followed the links and read the article (hey. I do what i am told!!)...from the get-go was doubting any "quotation" that was printed...I wonder if the authors did the same thing to all the people they supposedely interviewed?
That...is just wrong.
I naively didn't realize that this was a problem.

Jen on the Edge


pat/clippy mat

i will follow that link. don mills is not too far from me so i'm doubly interested. that seems like a mighty sneaky and dishonest thing to do.
respect the blog.
right on!
write on.
as the case may be.

Don Mills Diva

Thanks Jen - it's just very disconcerting and quite frankly lazy of that journalist - they woudl never had done that if Don Mills Diva was a column in a newspaper.


wrong, wrong, wrong!

green girl

Well writ, as always, Jenn!


Wow, it never would have occurred to me that this nonsense was going on. (I even broke my own rule about breaking rules and followed the link)

I'm not sure if that jounalist was showing more disrespect to the blog...or to herself in the way that she handled things.


That is wrong in so many ways!


I was twittering when I saw Kelly's tweet about what happened. Pretty hard to believe the Times has no issues with their reporter's behaviour!


That sort of thing really irks me. R-E-S-P-E-C-T!


GASP! *Sigh with gasp* They stole it from a Mommy Blog? And, claimed it an interview? Wait.

Okay. I'm gonna' go follow that link. This is just...well, theft? Does that fit? I mean, it wasn't allowable with term papers....


What kind of a self-respecting journalist would DO that? Oh, I know. This person was not self-respecting.

Reluctant Blogger

I am never too sure about all this. I think some BLoggers have not helped our cause - using blogs as a platform to get self-publicity or produce a book. I am a purist - I think blogging should be blogging. I don't think anyone should nick stuff from our blogs and reproduce it elsewhere but equally I do not think people should use stuff from their blogs for books or in newspapers. I get equally fed up on both counts.

Blogging means we can all publish without any editorial or peer review - that is great. But equally we need to realise that we have no protection - that is why it is so easy.

I"m not sure. I personally would be very fed up if anything I wrote was picked up in a newspaper. I do not want publicity or fame or money or anything as a result of my blog. I will never produce a book off the back of it. I do not publish here because I have failed to elsewhere. I do it because I love to write. And my writing stays here.

I actually think some other people (and I don't mean this person you have linked who I know nothing about) are using their blogs as a launch pad. And I think it is those people who are helping this to happen - they are happy when stuff gets picked up. I am ruthlessly unhappy if anything of mine is taken from blogworld and reproduced in any other media.

Oh I don't know. Tricky. So much freedom for us here, all so easy - perhaps this is just a bad side-effect we have to accept.


I find this extremely unethical and offensive. The journalist should have a correction put in the paper and credit the source! If the writing of a "Mommy Blogger" is "good enough" to print, then credit the writer!!

Cheri @ Blog This Mom!

Blogging makes shoplifting someone's writing as easy as Google Alerts makes it stupid.

I like that line. Someone's probably going to steal it now.

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