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February 24, 2009


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Somehow I can picture my BOY being that BOY. And it gives me joy to imagine a teacher like you seeing him for who he is.

You are going to be an amazing teacher, by the way!


I'm so glad you are joining the profession! YAY!

Of course there are those we are drawn to and like the best. That doesn't take away from how much we love and enjoy the others. It's just how it is!

And those boys, the one you describe, are the reason I teach the regular ed. kids and no longer teach honors. I like the ones who are smart in so many other ways than just "book learning." These kids bring a richness to the classroom!

Let's talk soon! I want to hear more about your teaching.

And I love the "Where I'm From" poem. Been using it for years. Have you read mine on my blog? It's in the sidebar. Also, George Ella Lyon, reads hers out loud on her website and she is featured in an old PBS series called THE UNITED STATES OF POETRY which is excellent!


BTW, I love your new photo! Beautiful!


How I wish you were No 2's teacher...she'd be your favourite!

I just got her school report this morning....it sounds rather like what you wrote!

Manic Mommy

God bless the teachers who recognize the potential and the uniqueness in all our children. You are entering into your perfect profession.

His take on your poem floors me.


I love this boy, too. I love how safe some kids feel with what they write to their teachers.

Do you have your "un-favorites?" - the ones who have the attitude and the sass and the lack of effort. I taught some religion classes a few years ago and could not help but "label" a few kids from about the first month. It was hard for them to redeem themselves in my eyes. I always pray my kids don't "label" themselves when they first start with a new teacher.



I am sure this happens to most teachers. How could it not??
He sounds like he needs your patience and guidance. Good luck, but you will do great Jenn!!


I used to be a teacher's aide at my kids' elementary school a few years back. And yes, there was always that one kid that was a favorite. I remember one year, in a third grade classroom, and he was almost exactly as you describe. His name was Austin, and he had an identical twin in a different class. He was cute, charming, funny, and he often struggled in class. I loved helping him. He was also left-handed, which I find endearing for some reason.

Unfortunately, there also always seemed to be the other kid in the class. That one kid that just rubs you the wrong way. Like the poster above said, it was usually attitude and sass.

Jen on the Edge

My mother, sister and brothers, and their spouses are all teachers. They've all told me that, yes, teachers do have favorites.

I'm glad you're rooting for this kid. You could be the teacher he'll remember for the rest of his life.


I'm glad you're going to be in the classroom! I could never do it. I have no patience for sass from other people's kids!

Smalltown Mom

I have some favorites, too. Yesterday they were the 4 girls who gave me hugs at recess. They made my day.

green girl

My favorites were all a bit like that--the ones for whom it came so easy I LIKED, but they didn't need my LOVE. You will rock your future classrooms, Jenn.


Oh man, I LOVE what he wrote. I always had one or two favorites, and they were almost always boys. One little boy told me, "You're the most honest person I know. You always answer me with the truth". One day he asked me to marry him someday. He was only about 15 years younger than me. If I wasn't married, I would be hunting him down right about now!
You are going to be a great teacher!


Oh I love that! I don't think it's wrong to have a favorite at all. Kids like the one you describe? They should be someone's favorite!


sounds like he already is


Any teacher who claims to not have any favourites is in denial of some kind. Yours sound a lot like mine and I just know you'll become a great teacher.
Right now I have one student who comes up with the most wonderful sentences to show he knows how to use new vocabulary - such as "Around here we never change any RULES. We just make new ones."
You'd think he had been sitting in on our staff meetings!


I wish I had teachers like you when I was in school.


Underdogs need cheerleaders and champions. I'm glad you are his.


you hope that with the right encouragement he will go FAR!

The Girl Next Door

Oh be still my heart. LOVE your photo - and you are going to rock as a teacher.m And yeah I only teach sunday school where I guess I'm supposed to love them all, but I do love those kids who just seem to need that little extra bit of love.... the underdog...


I taught for 12 years. I always had favourites... for different reasons, on different days. The hardest thing is to try to not show it. Because in no other "social" setting is there the expectation that one person should like everyone equally. But somehow, people seem to expect that of teachers.

(Treat equally/fairly, yes. Like equally... a different thing.)

Cheri @ Blog This Mom!

He and others like him are what I love best about volunteering. My favorite kids, hands down, bar none, are the ones who are typically considered to make the most trouble. LOVE THEM!


I used to teach high school before becoming a SAHM, and you're right. It's the ones where you have the potential to make a life-changing difference that grab you. I taught in an urban area high school with lots of badass (or so they wanted you to think) gang-banger types. Some of them were just desperate for positive adult attention and became my greatest success stories.

Just Jamie

I have my favorites. And, like you, they tend to be the underdog.

However, on the flip side, sometimes I have my, um, not-so-favorites too. :(

Baby Favorite

Oh man, he's my favorite now, too.

I love that you go for the underdog. Whenever I volunteer in my daughter's classroom, I always try to focus on the child who looks a little lonely, or unkempt, or like s/he could use a word or two of encouragement. I can't help but want to make even a little bit of a difference.

You're definitely in the right profession. Those kids in your life are going to be blessed.


Thanks for this reminder of why I teach!

Jennifer H

Oh, man - he's got me, too.

You were meant for this.


Love it...so true. This is my second year of teaching, and this sounds soooo familiar. Yay underdogs!!


just so y'know, we all have favorites. Every single year, I've had at least one student who really pulls at my heart strings.


Aww! I always have a favorite too. ;)


I don't know how you could be a teacher and not have favorites. When I volunteered in my kids classrooms there was always one I gravitated toward and like you it was usually a boy and definitely the underdog. You just want them to succeed so you help them as much as you can.

The students are lucky to have you!


It sounds like you are describing my son, and I am so glad to know there are teachers like you out there who recognize the potential inside of him. This warms my heart.

Kathy H

That's beautiful. You're going to be a great teacher. :)


Oh that is so true. On the occasion where I am substituting for longer than 3 days in one classroom, there is usually a boy who is so unaware of what he could be/what he will be that it tugs on my heart.

I bet you are a fantastic teacher.

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