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February 16, 2009


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stephanie (bad mom)

That collage is for printing and framing, gigantically, and hanging where you most need serenity.


Mary Alice

Perfect. The Middle Child called me from San Diego last and said "Mom, it just smells so good here." I asked her what smelled so good, she couldn't put her finger on it...finally asking my mom and then reported back, "Grandma says it's the Sweet allysum." It is those smells...and sights like you posted here...that ensure that we will be moving "home" to California when the military career is over. There is no place like home.


Love the pictures. So pretty.
Sounds like a blessed morning. Take care, suz


Ok, that's it. Think I could find an affordable condo there? That allows 2 dogs, both under 30 pounds (barely LMAO)?


I need to be there.

green girl

That does sound like a good Sunday afternoon!


So lovely! When we were there in June we were too busy to go to the beach. San Diego is truly one of the most beautiful places on earth.

I love your new profile photo, btw!


I miss that so much. I love the snow up here in the frozen tundra but I think one year ago I was laying on Tamarack watching the Kahuna blow out a few waves and in the sunshine and cool ocean breeze. I will be back in April just in time for beach season, then June gloom, then July hot, then....


What great photos and a perfect way to spend a Sunday morning!

Little Miss Sunshine State

Nice place to walk.
Cute new profile photo!

Prof. J.

What an excellent morning!

Amy Amy Bo Bamey

Cool Pictures!!

Sounds like a GREAT morning, especially the yummy treat you followed it up with!


BEAUTIFUl photos!


Beautiful pictures!


kinda thinking maybe we outta move to San Diego too...


That's it. I'm moving...again.

Manic Mommy

When I think of it, I'll post a collage of dirty, icy snow, bare trees, and pot holes.
This winter has been interminable!

On a happier note, great new color in your picture.

San Diego Momma

Call me next Sunday! :)


Nice! I like your new hair, too!

The Girl Next Door

Oh so pretty - I am jealous here in the frozen tundra!


Oh Jenn, you always make me miss San Diego something awful. I wish I could buy something that smelled like the salt-water breeze. Great pictures.


Sounds absolutely lovely!


There have been days lately when I dream of hopping a plane to San Diego. I haven't been there since I was a kid, but on days when it is sleeting here, nothing sounds finer than SD.

Laural Out Loud

Sounds like I'm missing my most favorite kind of San Diego weather! It happens every time I leave. Now that I'm not working, though, I'll have a lot more time for walks on the beach and lattes after, so maybe I'll be able to have one of these walks yet.

Just Jamie

Ooooh. Sounds lovely.


Great photos! The more I know about San Diego, the more I do believe that is just one small step below heaven! I'm afraid if I come to visit, I may never want to leave!!

BTW...I am loving your new photo...looking good, my friend, looking good!

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