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February 28, 2009


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Very funny. I can see this happening.
Love those eggs too!!!
Going to the colony. What shall I pack?


Ha, ha, ha! I clicked on the second link. And guess what I am eating as I read this at 9:48am my time? After I had a "real" breakfast. They make Easter my favorite holiday. Because nothing says sacrificing for your sins like me scarfing a bag of mini-eggs.

My hubby is heading to Costco and asked me if I wanted the super jumbo bag of mini-eggs if they have them (another warehouse club we belonged to used to carry them in 48oz. size bags!). I was torn. I'm trying to lose weight and I can't seem to just eat a couple of mini-eggs. But, they are only around for such a short time. And then you have to wait all those long months until they are back. And no. The Christmas ones aren't the same. I tried them.

Smalltown Mom

I've been having those futility dreams all week. Not about bathrooms, thank goodness, but about other mundane everyday events. I hate them. They seem so real.

The Girl Next Door

I have that dream! Except they are all too dirty and OUT IN THE OPEN.

and I spent most of my Friday night in the Women's colony - what better place to be?!


I went over to The Women's Colony and now I'm thinking I may move there.

I always wondered WHO ate those horrible cadbury eggs. Now I know why they still make them and it's confirmed. I am the oddity here.


When I have those dreams, it's usually because I *really* have to go to the bathroom. I've learned it's best to wake up first.
But the Women's Colony will only have CLEAN bathrooms! Whoot!! I've spent over an hour there this morning.

I'll leave the Cadbury eggs to you. But those (plain NOT peanut) BIG & speckled M&M eggs?? An entire package yesterday. Definitely, someone is lacing these things with crack. I'm blaming the bunny.

phd in yogurtry

The heroin is in the white cheddar cheese nips. And vinegar potato chips. I have the arse to prove it.

I've never searched for a bathroom in my dreams. Plenty of dreams where I have to pee like a race horse, but I don't seem to take time to look for relief.


I had a dream last night about another blogger (not you, don't worry). This says to me that I need to hang out with my "in person" friends a bit more! As in Geez! Get a life!


Too much - searching for clean bathrooms!! I have never had the searching for ANY bathroom dream!



I always think I'm so smart and stuff and then I have really obvious, humbling dreams.


Ah, dreams! Been having a lot lately!

And searching for restrooms is the worst when you are asleep.

My teeth crumble a lot in my dreams. ARGH!

Reluctant Blogger

haha trust you re the dirty bathrooms. I have to honestly say I have never had a dream about needing the bathroom. Not sure what that says about me.

I do have dreams about being unable to find my way home but not cos I need to pee.

too dirty!! haha you are so funny, Jenn.

And that photo - your profile photo - is just SOOOO fab. Love it.

San Diego Momma

Don't EVEN get me started on the Cadbury Cream Eggs.

They're like chocolate meth labs.

apathy lounge

Those eggs have crack AND heroin in them. I should know.


I'm excited for Mrs. G and all her fellow Derfwads. I know she's been putting a lot of work into it. :)


Those Mini-Eggs make this time of year especially challenging for the sugar free aspect of my diet plan. I agree with Kellyg that the short time they are available does make an excellent excuse for purchasing them...


My anxiety dreams have to do with me not wearing the right kind of shoes to do whatever it is that's required of me - like having to run outside in bare feet, or climb a tree in flipflops.

what's up with that?

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