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March 23, 2009


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She doesn't "get" you and you don't "get" her. In this case, there just isn't much you can do, except give it your best shot and hope for the best.
I hope your C'est la vie attitude holds!

I married a man who was a type B- during his 2nd college undergrad experience (the degree when I was married to him). I'm still reeling from the shock of him turning into a serious type-A when it came time to earn his master's degree.

Reluctant Blogger

haha yeah you are SOOO like me. I can't bear to get a low score in anything - not even fun quizzes!!!

But you are right, there is little you can do if you don't connect. You have to try to adapt a bit to what you think she wants but not too much - you have to write what feels correct for you. Maybe you will be surprised. I hope so!


I secretly hope for you that you will get that A though!!

Busy Bee Suz

I can see how this would be a problem for you Jenn.
Congrats on letting it go....


Give us her address. We'll have Vinnie and the boys pay her a little visit, maybe reconsider your grade a little bit....


We are so much alike! I told a college instructor, who gave me a grade below a 4.0, why I deserved a 4.0 and she changed my grade. I want to go back and finish my degree, but I cannot bear to think of the pressure I'd put on myself.

Smalltown Mom

In a situation like that, a B is commendable.


Be you, Jenn. All you have to do is pass the class, however painful a B may be. Just be true to you, and screw the un-connectable instructor.

(Yeah, un-connectable is too a word. You know what I meant!)


I only had 1 of those professors. She just didn't care for me. It didn't matter if I followed her instructions to a T and my work mirrored everyone elses it just wasn't good enough. I gave up and did my own thing. Funny I still got an A. She and I had coffee one day before the semester ended (small school can you tell) and she told me that she just didn't "get" me. That explained it all.

green girl

I think it's admirable that you can let it go--you're giving it your best show, that's all you can do!


I went through university agonizing over any grade that wasn't an A.

I know you know this too, but really, not one person, when they hired me as a teacher, really cared about my grades or my transcript. They just cared that I had a degree.

And when I think about the amount of agony I put myself through... well, it kind of makes me laugh now. In a rueful way.


How are you liking it so far? :-)


Great on all your A's

The best is all you can do though.
Some classes are just that way.


At the JC I attended when I decided to go back to school, I carried a solid 4.0 gpa. Then when I transferred to the four year college, by this time I was a parent of 3 small children, the youngest only four months old. I was getting very little sleep because I wanted to try to maintain that 4.0 gpa. Not realistic with all I was trying to juggle. That is when my husband and my parents told me that I needed to just focus on getting my degree, even if that meant "gasp" earning something less than perfect.


You're just competitive and that's a good thing. It means you give it your all and that's how we succeed in life.

Manic Mommy

The hard part is trying to convince yourself you're really okay with it. People think this OCD thing is easy. They don't realize it takes time and no patience.

Your GPA will still wow future employers


*mumble mumble* Stoopid Professors *mumble mumble*


Wow, I would totally have blamed the professor for being unclear.

Kudos to you! On the GPA, and almost being done! You seem like you will make a great teacher from what you have shared, and we need them!


Perfectionism can be a harsh taskmistress. Kudos to you for trying to let go!


Good for you! I was the same way in grad school. Had one teacher who only gave A's out to a select few, and it irked me, but did it matter one little iota in the big picture? Nope.


It should be about your work not about whether or not the teacher "gets" you. Too bad that teachers sometimes base grades on anything other than that!


sorry, but I'd be ticked too. very ticked.


I am impressed that you are Zenning it. Very impressed. And I hope you are wrong and you get surprised with an "A."

The GIrl Next Door

I cried when I got my first B in law school. Like. A . Baby. So I get you girl!

phd in yogurtry

I used to do academic counseling at a major university. I heard this very complaint often. That grades in writing classes seemed to be based more on preference of style rather than grammar or substance. One person's Chekov is another person's angst ridden drivel. And then there is, one professor's A is another professor's B-. It truly is a wonder anyone makes a 4.0.

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