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March 25, 2009


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I drove right by Breckenridge on Saturday! I couldn't believe how many people were out there. I should have waved hi to MVP! lol


Too funny about stealing the pics from his friend's Facebook page! LOL


This is why I don't post too many photos on Facebook... :-)


So cute. And Bossy can relate - this is why moms join FaceBook.


Hahaha! You stole the photos from Facebook. Too funny!


That's how I get photos of my oldest son, too. :)
I love that they are skiing over spring break instead of hitting the beaches.

Manic Mommy

Too funny about The Facebook. Bet MVP loooves it! Good thing he friended you!


What, no wet t-shirt contests, or loud parties?

Busy Bee Suz

Great pictures...looks like some COLD fun.

green girl

Lucky boys!

Smalltown Mom

My son's going to Tahoe on Friday for his Spring Break.


Being cold and up in the mountains NEVER gets old! I'm sure they had a GREAT time! You should come out and go skiing WITH them!


It's not technically stealing if you note it in the citations, right? No worries, then!

Mary Alice

Love it. Looks like a lot of fun.

mrs. g.

They look pretty happy. I was just going to write that they both look like nice boys and then I realized how matronly that makes me sound. So I won't write it.

ms. changes pants while driving

ohhhh.... soooo jealous! the powder in CO is like none other. totally jealous. suggest they go to "loveland" ski resort.


Good for him. But that is NOT my idea of a spring break.


These photos make me totally NOT hate winter. If I could just live in that view . . .

And this "All photos jacked from my son's friends' Facebook accounts" makes you totally cool, you know that, right?


Funny how most Spring Break images don't have snow in them on MTV.

Next Real World season: Real World, Ukraine.


Hahahaha, they went to the mountains instead of the beach, I love it! Looks like a great time.

phd in yogurtry

Oh man, I would love to be up in those mountains. Not skiing, mind you. Just looking down the slopes with a cup of hot mocha in my hand.

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