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April 16, 2009


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SAn Diego Momma

Holy boobs about to fall out of that dress!

Your GoGo's shirt is way sexier.



Great picture!


You are a doll. I think if we had known each other back then, we totally (like w/a spoon) would have been friends.

I think I had a Wham! shirt just like that ;)


I'm still not totally convinced that facebook is all that great... But I've been known to change my mind about other "new-fangled" ideas before, so I'll keep my peace.
But the boobs!!!


First picture? You didn't have to tell us which one was you - you still have the same wonderful smile. :)

Now why does that second picture remind me of yesterday's post?


I was briefly in love with FB during the honeymoon phase, but now I just tolerate it. It is fun to pop up in people's photos though - and that is a great picture!

Professor J

I'm going to have to check out the scrabble! I love your 80s picture!

Manic Mommy

Pictures really are worth 1,000 words...


That's a lot of tatas, wouldn't you say???


Holy Boobage Batman!
I could tell right away which one was you! But, it was the 80's. Where was your curled bangs and poodle perm?

Little Miss Sunshine State

Whoaaaa! Potential Waldrobe Malfunction Alert!!

Vernon looks happy.

Jen on the Edge

I like the way your Go Gos shirt is tucked in. Very 80s.

Oh, and you were way cute too!


I love the 80's photo, Vernon was really foxy. You were simply adorable! Love the Go Gos shirt!

All I have to say about the second photo is.. "They're coming out . . . no, they're staying in, wait, are they . . .?"

I purposely haven't checked out the scrabble game, no one would ever see me again!

Smalltown Mom

Now I have to play a Go Gos record. I think I saw them in concert, but didn't get a shirt.


So funny...I love the pictures from back in the DAY!!! Vernon has come along way huh?


You were cute! All that's lacking between you and Vernon's new crowd is a lot of silicone.


that chick on the far right must use doublesided tape so as to not fall out of that dress!


You were the cutest little 80's girl EVER.

Those boobs? Whoa-uh.


I have love/hate with facebook. This week, I am on hate, but next week, who knows...

The hair in your 80's picture? Love it! Classic!


Wow, Vernons new...um...friends have some nice ...um..assets!


Facebook is great! That's such a fun picture.

But Scramble is BAD NEWS. I am hopelessly addicted.

Baby Favorite

Great picture! I totally remember the rolled up sleeves and upturned collars and all that stuff. I remember having a sweater slung over my neck, folded in front ever so perfectly, too, even when it was 95 degrees out. It just went too perfectly with my loafers to NOT do that!

I love Facebook. I have connected with so many of my h.s. friends from 23 years ago!


Of all the arguments I've heard as to why I should totally get on Facebook, this may be the best one.

I am so concerned with everyone finding out about me that I forgot the fun of finding out about them . . .

Maybe privacy is overrated.

Hmmm . . .

phd in yogurtry

You look awfully cute in your GoGo's shirt. I was a fan, too. Vacation, all I ever wanted... a theme that still resonates.

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