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April 19, 2009


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Mary Alice

Lovely and true. You made me teary this Sunday morning. Sending Angie strength.


What a wonderful post! I love it, and I think you are right about what makes a marriage work.

Manic Mommy

Very nice.


Beautifully said. I have been married 46 years and every day with him has been a joy. In addition to what you wrote, I attribute our success to always being on the same team. Gladys


Thank you, Jenn.


texasholly @ June Cleaver Nirvana

So true. I am going on year 18...


That's beautiful, Jenn.


My heart goes out to Angie. Despite having not posted anything on my blog for a few weeks, I was proud to be a part of this.


Jenn, this is beautiful and oh so true.

21+ years, by the grace of God


Thank you for your Keep Believing post. It means so much to me that so many were able to do it, and from Angie's post I think we did a good thing and that it really is helping her through a terribly difficult day. Her blog roll looks incredible! Heather

Busy Bee Suz

Perfect. Just perfect!


What a beautiful testament to marriage, Jenn. So much wisdom in it! And a lovely tribute for Angie.


You also don't see all the flirting and cheating that goes on. If one more man pulls off his ring and says "I just forget to take it off, I'm divorced now" I'll kick him in the groin.

I like a little more excitement in my life. I knew I would give up my career if I had kids and that wouldn't have been fair. TO ME!!!

stephanie (bad mom)

So very lovely, and accurate.


phd in yogurtry

What a realistic but beautiful marriage testimony. I like the part about the importance of the benefits. Yessum deedy!

Jen on the Edge

This perfectly spells out what has been on my mind lately. Thank you for sharing.


Love is so much more than that rush of the crush and romantic love. I think old love is much more romantic than young love, there is a depth of love that makes it real, beautiful, and strong. My relationship changed entirely after our first child. Seeing my husband love me through all the changes made me fall in love with him all over again. I have always felt that when two people truly love one another, they create a sort of guardian spirit over their love. Love, truly loved, never leaves.

Baby Favorite

That was so beautiful.

I met my husband when he was 34 years old, and had just had a major heart attack a mere ten days prior. We were supposed to meet sooner (friends were setting us up), but the little medical emergency put things on hold. My 30th birthday fell a few short days after his hospitalization; Joe couldn't join us, but his best friend & wife decided to take me out to dinner. Barely starting to recover, he still made a point to send money with our friends so they could buy my dessert on his behalf. I knew at that moment that this guy was different from the rest.

I also remember other friends saying I should "be careful" meeting someone with a health problem. "Wouldn't want to lose him too soon," they warned.

I did meet him, fell almost instantly in love, and al though I do worry about his health, I always remember: "Better to have loved and lost than to have never loved at all." I pray that thought can sustain me if and when the time comes that I'm in Angie's position.


Beautiful post Jenn and after almost 27 years of marriage I completely agree!

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