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April 22, 2009


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No offence taken!

Busy Bee Suz

Love the orchid. I soooo see it sticking it's pretty tongue out at me. SO cute.


I'm glad you clarified that, because my feeble brain would not have caught on.

The GIrl Next Door

I totally got the reference but appreciate that you are not fluanting your awesome weather while we are still 10 degrees below normal.

I hope the Bitchfest has good weather. i must say the 2 times I have been in SD it has been COLD - May 2008 and June 2007. What's up with that??


96 in San Diego? Yikes!

I love your flower with attitude. Is that in your garden?


It has been wicked cold around here lately!


Thanks for the edit. I was going to have to drop you as a friend.


Smalltown Mom

We've had two 90 degree days this week. I wish it would swing back down the other way.


Siiiiiiiiiiiiiigh. Bossy has rain and chilly today. Siiiiiiiiiiiigh.


Seriously 96 in San Diego?! Holy Crapoly!

I have a friend who works at Harvard and we do the weather wars sometimes!

Manic Mommy

Coming from a few towns north of Cambridge, let me tell you that the weather's been SUCKING (except last Friday, which was exceptional!) lately.

We're headed for the 80s this weekend. The last time it hit 80 in Boston was September 15th!!


It is going to be hard for me getting acclimated back to the I.E. weather. I love the cool mornings in the summer up here as opposed to the heat and the June Gloom and the Santa Anna's and it being 100 at Christmas. Why am I going back? Oh yeah that is where my home is.;)

Little Miss Sunshine State

My brother works in Cambridge.Yesterday it was cold and grey and rainy. It's supposed to get up to the 80's there this weekend.

Life with Kaishon

What a pretty flower. I am glad someone in the world is having nice Spring weather! Rain, rain GO away!

Amy Amy Bo Bamey

It does look like it is sticking a tongue out at you! What a cool flower!


Gorgeous orchid, but shame on it for sticking its tongue out at us! LOL

Stormy and cool here for the past few days. I guess I'll take that over high heat. I can always put on a sweater. :)


We had a few days of 75 and 80 and now back to 55 and drizzle. I heard it was hot down there lately. Yikes!

green girl

Am green with envy at such a climate. We've reached 47 here...teeth still chattering....


Actually, though, it would be a perfect idea to mock others because they live in less than perfect climates. I do it myself often.

The Mom Bomb

So you're behind the cold drizzle we're getting here in New Jersey? Your smug, superior San Diego vibes are bringing our temps down!


Love the picture! We've had cold and windy and rainy weather lately, but expect gradual warming later. I'm okay with that; I like Wisconsin!


I love comparing weather with my daughter in Philadelphia. She is thrilled that it has been in the 60's there and doesn't mind missing our current heat wave!


Gorgeous flower. What is it?

I'll stick with the 80 we had (our version of a heat wave) while you were in the high 90s!

phd in yogurtry

the world weather machine is here, and it's Facebook!!

(gorgeous .. um, lily? orchid?? whatever it is, its an amazing flower!)


That is one gorgeous flower!

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