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April 14, 2009


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San Diego Momma

You mean you're not like this everyday?

Cuz I am and now I feel abnormal.

Da Goddess

I'm like this all the time. I sort of feel abnormal, too, except that now Deb's declared herself this way everyday and suddenly we're one member short of a club.


Can I join? I can't say I'm like this all the time - just most of the time ...


I hope you got that good nights sleep too!


Don't let the idiots get you down!
Sounds like you needed a nice relaxing drink and a foot massage last night.

Busy Bee Suz

Oh, so you had a bad day? Is that what you are trying to say?


I could do a whole blog post about unheard conversations I have with dumb a** drivers.


Oh crap! Does all that mean you're crabby?

'Cause this is the stuff going on in my head constantly and now I'm worried that I might not really have the warm, fuzzy disposition that I thought I had.

Smalltown Mom

On my last trip to the store (all of 2 miles) there were 4 crazy driver incidents I had to mentally swear at.


OK. I really don't think like this all of the time. Usually I don't let things like this get to me. But when I do? Ohhhh, I feel the hair standing up on my head and my heart beats fast and every single thing makes me CROTCHETY! Then I wonder why the hell I'm feeling that way, and why can't I just get an attitude adjustment. It is very hard to turn that stuff off if it's coming at you.


ahhh y'all drive like we massholes do!

Little Miss Sunshine State

You keep those thoughts to yourself? Most of the time I just let mine fly out of my mouth.
Except when I'm at work. Then I keep them to myself. Stoned Customer in the VERY sparkly makeup and giant neon green tongue piercing who asked for a job application...
I wanted to say "WHAAAA? Are you on crack??"

green girl

Maybe you're tired, but it sounds like you're also in need of some folks demonstrating old fashioned human kindness and polite behavior!


Blech! I hate days like that.


Oh yeah. Yesterday morning (Monday morning), I was on a crowded train, next to two old ladies who glared at me when I sat next to them because they had to move their many bags and who then talked petulant gossip all the way into town. All. The. Way.

I actually put on my headphones to try and block them out, which didn't really even work.


I had that kind of day Friday when 3 people in Target made comments on my pregnancy size and I bought a 40$ cake.

And I would LOVE to have lunch if I manage to stow away in my hubby's luggage! Whether or not I come will depend on my Nana's condition, but if I do come, I would love to meet up for lunch! I will keep you posted :)

Manic Mommy

Just another day behind the wheel in scenic Boston, Mass...

I'm having that kind of a day today, too.


I am so glad that many of my thoughts remain in my head for none to hear. It's a blessing really. :o)


I'm apparently in the bitchy- in- the- car- all -the -time club with the above members. When is my membership fee due?


If you only knew some of the things that go through MY head on a regular basis.



On the freeway that I drive on to get to work, a small portion has a steep incline. My car makes it up going at a pretty good pace, however, at least 2 or 3 times a week, there is one person whose car slows way down. AND THEY REFUSE TO MOVE OVER!

grumble, grumble, grumble . . .

Da Goddess

No dues (we've already paid them by putting up with these yahoos who like to act like idiots), but each member must show up at meetings with plenty of beverages for all.

I suddenly feel much more normal and not quite so alone.


Yeah, I pretty much just say all of that out loud! :-(

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