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May 26, 2009


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SnakeMaster would definitely love to visit! He'd also like to hang out with MVP and talk all things reptilian.

Grinning here over your photo of a well-organized laundry facility. Why does this not surprise me? ;)


I love elephants and I love Ace of Cakes and I can't believe they met at the Zoo. (It's all happening at the Zoo...)


I always LOVED the SD Zoo! When I did my student teaching in San Diego it was a GREAT field trip!

I went there many times on my own just because it was so awesome.

Busy Bee Suz

Wonderful pictures Jenn!!!
Looks like a fun day for all...yes, I liked the laundry room too. :)
Singing dog? Did he really sing? And what kind of songs???

Jen on the Edge

Oh wow, that's so great. Way better than the elephant house at the National Zoo in D.C.


that looks like so much fun. we always have a an annual pass to the zoo. best deal ever. hopefully will make it to the san diego zoo somseday....

Student Mum

Sounds great, London Zoo is our 'local' Zoo and although 'historical' nowhere near as exciting as San diego sounds.

There is an award on my blog for you :).


Oh my!! What a wonderful way to spend the day!! I canNOT wait to go....will show the boys the pictures of the 'phants...we love 'em!!
That circulating appetizer table looked a bit freaky, but....were those tortilla roll-ups on the table? Freaky or not...I'd eat!!

Little Miss Sunshine State

That was a great opportunity for MVP!

My sister-in-law's twin and her family live in San Diego and my niece and nephews love to go to the zoo when they visit out there.


Haven't been to the SD zoo in ages. What a great opportunity!


I love elephants - the new exhibit looks great. Last time I was at the SD zoo it was a corporate event and we saw some of the normally off limits stuff - I agree, it adds a lot to the experience!


Love to visit our zoo! But the San Diego Zoo is fantastic!!!

My little ones could spend the entire day there, and never a moment of fussiness!!!


singing DOG?


Hey...that looks like a shiba!!!


Looks like fun! I love our zoo, although I could do without the crowds when I've gone lately. The coolest thing we have is a tunnel you walk through, that you can see polar bears swimming in the water above and around you. Very cool!


Looks like a good time was had by all!

Awesome photos!


I would love to do a behind the scenes at our zoo!! What fun! I love your pictures.

I've only been to the San Diego Zoo once and that was in 1981, I'm betting things are different now!

Mel, A Dramatic Mommy

I'm glad you could make it!


I wish we had a zoo like yours here. Ours is just not the same...by any stretch.

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I loved going to zoos when I was younger and I love taking my children and niece to them now. I just wish we had more zoos around us to visit. Maybe I will plan a cross country road trip for this summer for my family to see how many zoos we can visit.

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