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June 11, 2009


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Smalltown Mom

I hate sunscreen that smells like sunscreen. I was very lax in the past. I would put it on if I was going to be out for a long time, like at a theme park, but on a daily basis I wouldn't even think about it. But I have noticed a marked deterioration in my skin quality in the last few years (coinciding with the last few years of playground duty). Now I am trying to use sunscreen on my face and arms every morning. I found some Neutrogena that I really like. So put me in the drawing for your sample!


Oh, I'll have to try it. I hate wearing sunscreen because it's so greasy and makes me break out. I had a few bad burns growing up, but I am like you and don't like to be uncomfortable. It's hot and sweaty in the sun. :)

phd in yogurtry

In our day, we laid in the sun with baby oil and iodine. Stuuuuuuuuupid.

Da Goddess

Haven't tried that brand yet. Could be very interesting. And I love that I'm not the only one up late at night cruising your site.

My sun damage was done long ago, but I do try hard to avoid it whenever possible because I was a baby oil girl of the 80s. Only my fat has saved me from major wrinkles.


Oh for the days of baking in the sun all day without anything but baby oil on!!!!! Sigh..Me (and my freckled chest) would like some sunscreen please.


I switched over to a moisturizer with sunscreen last year, and I love it! Now if only I could magically repair the damages of some burns in my past. (I was never a sun worshiper, but I was lax in the sunscreen dept. in my younger days.)

I'm up for trying something different!

Busy Bee Suz

Sounds great Jenn.
I also grew up with sunburns each summer...we used baby oil and nothing else...oh, if I could turn back time....


I'm big on the sunscreen application, too. My only problem is finding chemical-free lotions for my son's face...


I used to use SPF 4, which shocks me now. I also used to go to tanning beds. We just didn't know any better then. (I'm old) I used the spray on stuff on a vacation to Florida and broke out in a hideous itchy rash all over my body. Fun times.


Always looking for something light and non-greasy. I hate feeling like I'm suffocating under a layer of that heavy goop. Will give it a try!


That sounds like a sunscreen my daughter and I would love! Thanks for sharing.


I am in the same situation as you, growing up in the 70's we would use baby oil with iodine (why I don't know) to suntan with. Talking about baking! Now I have the same neck thing going on. Wish I would have known then what I know now.


How timely! I was just in Vons this morning buying Neutrogena sunscreen on recommendation of many friends after I asked "what wont make me break out?" Since I work in a basement office I only wear sunscreen on the weekends and with the warmer weather obviously had to use more all over - which promptly made my chest/back break out! Grrrr....

Somehow, I missed out on the sunburning as a child though I also was completely without sunscreen growing up. I thank my darker skin for that I suppose - or just dumb luck. I marked things by my fair skinned friend's sunburns :-) I still remember two of them after we got the bright idea to take a really long walk on the beach from La Jolla south towards PB. Yapping, picking up shells, playing in the tide pools. Got back with two lobster friends who were in agony for days after. Ouch!

Of course now we all lather on sunscreen all the time and I don't think either of my boys has been burned like that.


We oiled up as teens once in a while, it's good that you didn't. Although, we didn't use iodine. I wonder where that came from??


I recently found some sunscreen at TJ's and like it a lot. It is hard to find good sunscreen that's not too thick or too greasy although I think it is getting better than in the past.

Reluctant Blogger

Yes, I was like you and would oil up with coconut oil to sunbathe as a teen. And I am now one big freckle!! Sometimes they join up and I actually look tanned!

One of my sons is very fair so we have to be careful re the son. I bought vats of sunscreen in Australia because we found good stuff there that worked and was cheap and didn't upset anyone's skin.

The messages on the sides of buses about skin cancer really hit home there - they even scared my sons. So they always wear sunscreen now!!


my decolletage is in the same shape as yours, sad to say.


ANYTHING from Skin MD is good, I've used them for years. I wish they made cars.


I have GOT to get better about sunscreen. I use it on my kids constantly, but tend to forget to put it on myself. Also, it makes me break out, so vanity interferes. That Skin MD product might be just the ticket!


I'm a pale and freckly person, who got many, many bad sunburns as a child. Our method was, if you started to get a sunburn, put a T-shirt on over your swimsuit and get back in the pool!
Glad we know better now. I'm also one of those moms who keeps sunscreen in every car and bag for the boy.


I went to mow the lawn this afternoon and I ACTUALLY remembered to apply sunscreen. It's a start. (Probably will be the only time this year, knowing me.)

Stopping by for the June 1000 Comment Challenge.


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