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June 02, 2009


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But won't she have to text all of her friends to tell them that she can't text for a week? Naturally they will respond via text with Ohhh's and Ahhh's and wish her a speedy recovery. She will have to, being the kind person that she is, text them again thanking them for their warm response. Ohh the pattern continues.

Really though. Tendonitis due to texting! How much does she text?

Jenn @ Juggling Life


I think she Facebooked them! She does text a lot, but never at meals or when she's in conversation with someone (grandparents, etc.) and we do check the cell phone bills to make sure the kids don't text after they've gone to bed.

It's her left arm and she's a rightie so I guess that side is not quite as strong. The doctor said she's been seeing a lot of this.


Man, I'm totally surprised neither one of my daughters has been inflicted with that ailment. But now I'll know what it is!


My daughter should be getting this soon.


Ohhh, lucky! I have a friend who I'd like to have that injury. Maybe he'd stop for like 5 seconds. Seriously!


How will she ever survive?

Manic Mommy

You should text her just to be snarky.

I'm going to tell my sister with the teens about this impending ailment.


This is just irony. I have a feeling we will have an entire generation with this problem, add to that the bad spelling and grammar!!


oooh ouch! It's hard to give up texting, I know :-) Hope she's able to do it and heal up soon!


the dangers of technology...
Remeber the Jetsons episode where the mother (Judy?) had "buttonitis" from pressing too many buttons.

Smalltown Mom

I wonder how many kids have this.

MamaHen Em

Oh that's funny! And yes, it is the rare occassion that a sick kid is still actually sick once we get to the doctor. The car ride over is like some magical cure!

Maureen at IslandRoar

Isn't there some kind of miracle wrist brace that can be applied? Or laser surgery?? I mean, you can't SERIOUSLY be expecting her not to text for 2 weeks???

Mary Alice

Hahahahahaaaaa.....I have often been heard telling people in my home that in the future their generation will have hideous artritic complications from the current over use of those thumbs.


I had a friend who got joystickitis. I kept thinking he was saying he had jockitchitis.

Reluctant Blogger

I had a panic then - I thought you had gone. The link from the blog list on your profile page for Juggling Life took me to an empty blog. Not sure what is wrong there.

I got tendonitis in my left wrist from playing some stupid game on the laptop over Christmas. It was a Facebook Mindjolt game called Staries and I got addicted for a week. I am really careful now how I sit at the computer - I got into a habit of leaning on my left arm and twisting my wrist around to use the mousepad. Very silly.

Hope she is better soon. Poor thing.


Precious Youngest would DIE. Dead. Dude, seriously.


You may have to give her a refresher course on how to use the phone.


My kids are going to hear about this! I can't believe my son hasn't had this ailment he usually has close to 5,000 texts a month! That's just crazy.


That is so freakin funny!!!

The Mom Bomb

Now I'm waiting for my kids' retinas to fry from playing to much Nintendo DS.


Oh wow! I'm pretty sure I have that, too.

The Girl Next Door

Textdonitis! Ha. I can't be the first one to say that....

I have to block my daughter's texting while we're in Spain b/c it's like 85 cents a text. times 1000? yeah turning it off. she's going to die we're pretty sure.


Nope...you are definitely not the only one who has arrived at the doctor's office after the cure has taken place... I guess swinging a light saber is OK on the wrist. :)


Yes, we went to the doctor last wednesday then found something else and had to go back on Thursday.

Just the way it goes

Hope her arm gets feeling better soon.

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