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June 15, 2009


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I hear ya'. At least I think I hear you. It might just be a ringing, screeching sound in my ears.


LOL, so you were at that Scorpions concert, too? :)


And can someone tell me why teenaged boys must recline while driving??? Try adjusting the back of your seat after Sonny Boy borrowed the car - without inflicting serious damage to your spinal column!

Reluctant Blogger

I have all this yet to come. We celebrated about a week ago the getting rid of the last car seat (my son's booster cushion thing). I know have 5 years till my eldest boy is old enough to drive. I will make the most of them!

My daughter has shown no inclination to learn - she never liked bicycles either!


Love the Scorpions . . . well, I used to love the Scorpions. "Still Loving You" was my first "girlfriend" song . . .


Very funny. I can just imagine the stereo volume already!

Smalltown Mom

It's not just teenage boys who recline. Husbands who were formerly teenagers still recline, and still have the stereo up loud!


I'll take the music volume over the screaming volume ANY day!


tradeoffs :-)

Little Miss Sunshine State

I just had a conversation with my sister-in-law. She has 3 kids who collectively do 7 different sports teams because basketball season and baseball season overlap.
We were calculating how many months until her 14 yr old gets his license.

I still have the radio issue when my husband drives my car. Sports Talk Radio at full blast.


Smalltown Mom - You're right, but I'd forgotten since I don't have one of those any longer...
Your comment gave me a good chuckle, though!


That is hilarious! I have to admit though that my husband complains often of having to peel himself off of the ceiling of our car after I have driven it! Oh dear!


Do they get bonus points for adjusting the mirrors so they could see out of them?


I will do a happy dance the day I don't have to buckle my kids in and out for every single frickin' errand.

Maureen at IslandRoar

I know; it's always something.


My sister has a car seat for her dog and buckles him in. He does not cry himself to sleep however.


When I get in my husband's car I am blasted into the back seat by Black Sabbath, and flying dust.


My husbands adjustments and music volume are always worse than my kids, too!


I confess that I am the one guilty of high decibels. I do try to turn it all back down before putting the car in the garage.
I am also one of the lucky ones: my husband & I are nearly the same height and the 2 boys who drive (just a few inches taller) pretty much use our same seat & mirror settings.


Then there is the in-between stage where the children are able to snap their own seat belts on their car seats...without crying.

Lisa (Jonnysmommy)

Ow! Not looking forward to this stage I don't think. Although, I probably do that to Hubby all the time. I always turn the music up supper loud on him when I drive his car. I'm a snot like that. :-)


This is just starting to hit me. My son is just learning to drive! I can't wait! :P


That's so funny! I used my Dad's car a lot before I got my own and I remember many times when he walked out to the garage, started the car, and I could hear the stereo blaring inside the house. A few moments later the door would fling open and he would grumble about the stereo being too loud, and his seat being too far forward. Good times!


Wait until all their friends stop over in their cars, and you have five car stereos blasting in your front yard!!!

phd in yogurtry

Thanks for the warning. I'm sure I'll experience this live and personal and immediately think of you, Jenn! As in, "she tried to warn me."


I wish I had a teenager to go to the store for me to get me some lemon pie. I'm craving lemon pie right now. ;-)

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