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August 06, 2009


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Smalltown Mom

Let me just get this out there: I'm totally jealous of your daughter.

My sons' math ability boggles me. My sons are math whizzes. Frank got a 5 on his AP calculus test. And Ernest seems to be approaching in the same direction. My hsuband and I? Got as far as algebra...enough to get by. (I do excel at second grade math, after a few years practice in the classroom.)


She is lovely, Jen. And she has an amazing mom. Those preschool pictures are absolutely adorable!

My son floors me with his ability to make friends with anyone, and his creativity. My daughter for her incredible ability to process difficult concepts, and her way of zinging from reserved to wacky!

Kalynne Pudner

I'm not going to swallow the bait question, because my comment would be longer than your post. (Y'know, if there's something about ONE that boggles the mind, there dang well better be something about all the others, too.) But this was a lovely read. I'm sure SB is touched. And so, if she has internet access, Missy Heigel would be, too.

phd in yogurtry

Missy? Are you out there reading this tribute? We demand an update!

You've definately done a super job as a mom, Jenn, and this post shows one of your trophies. She's a beautiful girl.

I'd say with my kids? My son has an amazing memory (like his daddy). He grasps knowledge like a kid grabs onto candy. My one daughter has this gusto for life, always excited, always creative, always leading the kids in the 'hood around to do her bidding. Little miss leader. And my other daughter? It would be her easy going, never gets ruffled style. Can make a friend anywhere.


My MusicMan amazes me in his abilities with Music (hence, the name). He taught himself keyboard, he long ago surpassed me in handbells, he is a good clarinet player without even practicing (grrrrrr). His first year of marching band, he came in late (we moved) so he had to sub for others; he had little trouble learning new positions/motions on the field in short amounts of time.

I know the musical ability comes down through my side of the gene pool, but this kid's abilities baffle me.

Green Girl in Wisconsin

I love this post because that? Is Mr. B to a "T." He is like a movie star at school--older kids, younger kids, they all know him and greet him, he overflows with confidence and kindness and he's smart, cute, athletic--and since I was never a cool kid and his older brother isn't even at the middle of the heap, it's really a trip to watch him exude charisma and have all that POWER.


It must be so much fun to be her! And, to watch! My cousin, who lived with us for a while, was super popular with girls. Girls would just show up at our house, 3 at a time, to "see if he could hang". It was fun to watch. He is divorced and living with a new girl and they just had a new baby. Wonder what ever happened to Missy?


Ay. What I want to know is how you get one of those, or make one of those, or end up with one, you know? It must be so nice to be able to "relax" and know she'll be fine socially, instead of always worrying she is getting abused by the mean girls... (Which is the scenario around here.)

And p.s. Why are they always called Melissa?! With cute nicknames like Missy?

Manic Mommy

My cousin was my Missy - so perfect but so nice you couldn't hate her. And damned if she didn't go on to be a pediatric cardiologist. Try competing with that!

Gremlin's sense of humor blows me away. He is funny! Deep down, gets-the-joke funny. Funny like I will never be. I love it. And am girding my loins for the class clown years.

Maureen at IslandRoar

Oh, what a cutie!
Maybe it's these youngests. My 2nd daughter, youngest of 3, is a lot like this. Her confidence, and ability to get along with different kinds of people, amazes me.

Busy Bee Suz

I love this. I would have been envious of Missy too...pretty sure I would have been envious of SB too..but in a good way. I am very impressed with my girls and their academics and athletic abilities, two things I never excelled in. ;)


If she is mean to her brothers, they surely DESERVE it :)


Very nice accolades! And if she was nice to her brothers too that would just be weird! ;)


I think the thing that boggles me the most about my kids is that they are so different from each other. And so perfect.

And that they came from me.

Jen on the Edge

I hope I do as good a job with my girls as you have with yours.


Your daughter is BEAUTIFUL! Great post and so glad you posted it--don't know why you ever questioned. I think I have a Missy in the making myself. She always amazes me because she is so unafraid and self confident. I am SO glad.


One thing that amazes me about my kids is seeing my own traits, good and bad, in them and watching their unique personalities bend those traits into someone completely different from me... I love watching them vault over my stumbling blocks.


I am amazed at a lot of things about my girls, but the one that stands out most in my mind is very shallow. I'm amazed that they are all thin/normal-sized. Not one of the three of them turned into a chubster at age 8, like I did. I am so incredibly grateful that none of them has to go through school being "the fat girl." I don't know how I got such beautiful girls. But thank goodness for my husband's metabolism.


This is lovely. And, yeah, I totally want a Missy update. Or I shall just have to assume that she's serving 10 years for her second check kiting conviction and is missing half of her teeth.

As for the "WHERE did this child come from?" question, I cannot get over what a jock my kid is and how FAST he runs. He is the speediest guy on the basketball team. I have no idea where it came from. I do NOT run.


I think my sons might be too young to answer this question yet.... but I loved reading your take on your youngest.


My son's empathy is incredible. It has it's down sides sometimes -- he's to sensitive and to concerned about other people. But it is an incredible thing to see such a tender heart -- and still so at the age of 11


My daughter's athletic ability amazes me. I was a TOTAL wimp in sports as a kid. Also, her "no fear" attitude to making friends...

Your daughter is beautiful!


Your daughter is beautiful and she's lucky to have you as a mom... You can tell her I said that!

There are so many things about my kids that amaze me, but the one that stands out with both of them is their musical abilities; my son with drumming and writing music and my daughter with her dancing and singing. I tell you they did not get that from me or their dad!


I gotta say I'm jealous! I wasn't very popular and was extremely lonely in HS. I wished I was a Missy, or even knew one!

Minnesota Matron

Scarlett amazes me. I too have the 'it' girl, only sometimes I see her on television and in magazines! Very strange to be the (mostly sane) parent of a child actor. The thing that amazes me the most is that she faces so much rejection -- sure, she's had a lot of success. But for every role or job, there's six rejections. And she just lets those bounce right off of her.


It boggles my mind that my daughter wakes up happy and friendly every single morning. She just bounces out of bed. She is also consistently generous, thoughtful and kind. Amazing.

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