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August 19, 2009


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Lisa @ Boondock Ramblings

Yes, we do need something. The question is now, what is the best plan. I hope we all can figure it out, even though the "people in charge" will probably do it for us. Thanks for reminding us that what we can afford isn't exactly what we needed!


Yet another pathetic example of how things are not working.

This whole issue just boggles my mind.


Mine too! I've been fortunate in that I've had medical coverage since birth - both in Sweden and in Canada, and I think the system in your country stinks.


Amen sister! I could go on and on, but I'll stop myself there.


ABSOLUTELY AGREE. I was heartbroken earlier this week when I saw the public health option begin to waver.


Well, the current system clearly isn't working. I think we can all agree on that.


As someone who has paid for all of her and her families health insurance/medical bills for the last 5 years (my husband is self-employed - no employer bennies), the options being offered by congress and the president don't seem that much different from what I am doing now.

Personally I think they should either standardize Medicare/Medicaid and expand those programs or go to a completely one payer system like the UK and Canada. What's on the table now is, in my opinion, half-assed. It's another one of those instances where no one has the balls to make any real changes, changes that, apparently, a lot of people would like to see.

busy bee suz

What we have now certainly does not work for everyone in our country. On a personal note, we pay out the A** for insurance, that hardly covers anything. I find it heartbreaking that people with real illness do not get the care they deserve.


I've been on both sides of this coin. The one where I have paid dearly for insurance and now I am without. I had a doctor put in a misdiagnosis on my chart, refuse to restate his diagnosis and added that I had been taking HGH for 20 years. I have taken HRT for 25 years not HGH. No insurance company will touch me because according to Dr. Dick I am a dwarf, with a prune belly taking HGH. I recently had an MRI, A full liver panel and some other test. When I told them I was sans insurance my MRI went from $2500 to $800 and my liver panel went from $1100. down to $75.00. I think it's the insurance system we need to restructure and not the Health Care.

I don't have the answers but I also don't think the one the President is proposing is it.

stephanie (bad mom)

I say "Copy, paste, forward" on this one. To everyone in Congress.

I'm still astounded that so few leaders listen to people in the know, but maybe little-by-little...


You are exactly right, but you knew I was going to say that.


Yeah, I agree to. But my husband was listening to a woman at church who voted for Obama in spite of being Republican talk now about how she is sure he is part of the mob.

Sigh. I hate stupid people.


I have not heard how the new plan is truly different than the old plan (which isn't much of a plan at all).
I see a huge need for the so-called insurance system to be restructured. I feel that if you pay for insurance, you should be covered. Period. While I don't mind a legitimate co-pay for those who can afford it, the cap on "benefits" stinks. I've paid for dental insurance for many years. This year I have passed the $1200 limit, and I was shocked to discover that despite legitimate needs (hello, root canal!) I had to pay out-of-pocket for the entire service. I was darn lucky to have that money in the bank. Sadly, the year isn't over and I am left hoping I won't need another big procedure before the end of it. I cannot fathom how awful it would be to need medications and not be able to afford them.
The insurance lobby is strong; those people do NOT want change.

MamaHen Em

I definitely think that our system needs to be overhauled, but the one being proposed is not the way to go. I've always been shocked at how much they knock off the cost if one pays out of pocket instead of billing through the insurance. Which makes me think perhaps we need pricing that is consistent across the country and insurance that actually covers stuff (we actually discovered that my hubs cluster migrane treatment wasn't covered by our old insurance last year and let me just say that after 21 days of excruciating pain, that we couldn't control because the insurance capped him at 5 doses per YEAR, we were about to resort to ER visits and blackmarket prescriptions). Something needs to be done, but I'm not a huge fan of the government doing it for me


This is precisely what I tried to tell my mother when she told me that she didn't want the government making healthcare decisions for her, or denying her care. First of all, my parents are on MEDICARE, so as far as I know, that is a government run program. Secondly, I am way more afraid of insurance companies than I am of a public option. Right now, the insurance companies have all the power. If you want to talk about death panels, let's start there. They can decide what treatment you need and what you don't. They can also drop you basically for no reason. Don't even get me started on pre-existing conditions, as I have a husband with M.S. And we just kind of have to bend over and take it right now, because insurance companies can basically do whatever they want.


What's on the table now already had its nuts cut off when the procedure started. Thanks, Big Pharma! Now, with the public insurance option also slipping away, I don't see how anyone can support it. Am I supposed to be in favor of it because it's the best Obama could do right now (assuming I believe that, which I don't)? Feh.

Being upper-middle-classish, the currently proposed plan will make little difference to my family's health care & health insurance situations. And won't do enough to help the people who really need it. Double feh.

And I have no idea whether injectables are covered by my pretty-good health insurance. Hope I don't have to find out!


You're a good person :-)


Hear hear!

And you telling the tale gives it all the more oomph - being on the front line in the pharmacy. Thanks.


I am hoping the public option survives because when we get kicked off COBRA I don't think there will be another option for us. When you are in your 50's you are a pre-existing condition.

Back in the day when we had really good insurance, my doc wanted a head and neck MRI (weird migraine symptoms) and our insurance disagreed it was "necessary" - he argued and then paid for it himself because he was that adamant it was necessary! So don't get me started on who is making the decisions - it isn't the Doctors when insurance companies and profits are involved.


What is upsetting me is that the administration is doing such a poor job defining the issue - they're letting the opposition drive the discussion. What's up with that? And what the heck is the public option, anyway? Is it a Medicare-type program? Or is it simply a gov't-sponsored program involving private insurance companies (like the one federal employees - including Senators and Congresspeople - have access to)? Does anyone know? Because the federal program is pretty good!



Kathy Elias

First visit here. I totally agree with you. I once worked in a pharmacy and I know how hard it is to tell someone that their medication is not covered. The insurance and pharmeceutical lobbyists hold the power in our government. I doubt our founding fathers had this in mind when they laid out the plans for a democratic society. I wonder how many politicians enter this arena we call government determined to make a change and remain honest only to finally succumb to peer pressure and the lure of big money from the lobbyists.

I guess you could say that I have very strong opinions on this matter. My husband and I are both 56. When you reach this age there is no doubt that you will have some pre-existing conditions. We fall in that gap of not being able to afford insurance and not being able to afford to NOT have insurance.

Sorry, I tend to stand on my soapbox.....I like your style, I'll be back.

Mom Taxi Julie

Yep, insurance sucks. BUT I still pay a ton of money for it, out of pocket. And STILL had to pay more out of pocket when I had to have an operation. Sucks.



I know that even with major health care reform this issue won't be solved. But as you know my husband is in horrid, horrid pain. One year after being on this health plan and going through all the hoops, he finally got a referral for the pain doctor. What happens? The insurance doesn't "approve" the referral for 2 weeks. Then it finally gets approved and he has to wait for a month for his initial visit.

I almost told him just to go to the ER yesterday to get some help. The only thing that kept me from telling him this was the thought of a 4-5 hour wait in the ER since his issues wouldn't be considered "life threatening". And I probably will tell him to if it gets that bad again.

Green Girl in Wisconsin

There's always a wretched loophole--keeps the insurance premium in the Fat Cats' wallets and keeps the rest of us on hold in the automated answering hell while we try to sort it out.

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