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September 22, 2009


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This was good for a giggle; tis true though; capture every minute!


You nailed it! It's those little snippets of time that allow you to have a neat home. I call these 15 minutes tasks, but yours were close enough. :-) I have my morning and night routines, and they all encompass 13 mins of taking care of business. Good for you on publicizing the tactic! :-)


You just summed up the Flylady in a post! But she got it first and now she's a multi-millionaire - drats, could have been you!

Student Mum

I do my housework like that all the time!!


I'm with you on this one! Cleaning during commercials is also surprisingly effective!

Jen on the Edge

This is how I do things. It means that my entire house is never clean all on the same day, but at least parts of it are.

Green Girl in Wisconsin

It's a lot like being a waitress--I never take a step with empty hands. Makes all the difference in juggling it all.


The thing about being busy is that you no longer have the luxury of procrastination.

I have to do things in bits and pieces...the days are rare when I get a big chunk of time to "myself"...hahahaha.

Reluctant Blogger

Yes, this is how I do things too. I never actually do housework as such - I just occasionally fit odd jobs in between more interesting activities.

And I also use all the time I am stuck waiting in cars or on poolside to work or catch up with emails. If you add that "lurking" time up over a week it comes to many hours - cos sometimes you think it will be just 5 mins but it ends up being 20 mins!

I hope you get a cleaner soon though - I think you have rather higher standards on the cleanliness front than I have.

Glad all is going well anyway.

You are Wonder Woman indeed.


When I am very, very busy, I actually get MORE done! This technique is indeed the ticket. (I still don't know why I don't employ it when I'm not busy...)


I had cleaners come twice a month when I was pregnant, and for a short while after Dylan was born. I can't tell you how much I miss those people! I'm like you... I like to clean the whole house at once, then sit back and enjoy how awesome it looks. Cleaning here and there just frustrates me.


Come on! You didn't know this when you had 4 little ones? You must have forgotten. And, you know? A 5-minute daily bathroom wipe-down keeps that bathroom so clean, you almost don't have to do anything else...

San Diego Momma

Can I call your people after my Costco run this week?


I start in one room and keep at it until I find something that belongs in another room and then move there until I find another thing from another room and go there etc. This way I don't have one room that's a disaster and fool myself into thinking I've done A LOT!


Jenn from everything you have said about your self-proclaimed high cleaning standards I hope you can find a cleaner who can live up to it. I, in contrast, have low expectations and am utterly content to have someone do all my cleaning. I rarely do anything but pick up and put things away in between.

busy bee suz

Where there is a will, there is a way. And sometimes 10 minutes can make a big difference!!

Jenn @ Juggling Life

I've missed you! It's wonderful to hear your voice. How is life?

On Tue, Sep 22, 2009 at 9:31 AM, wrote:

Jenn @ Juggling Life

I had a cleaning lady when my kids were young. I gave her up when my kids
got old enough to help--I wanted to teach them how to do everything. Now
they know and my first paycheck is going to a cleaning lady.

On Tue, Sep 22, 2009 at 10:39 AM, wrote:


You got it sister - ten minutes at a time. Six months from now you'll have forgetten how it "used to be".

apathy lounge

Can I get a t-shirt with that slogan on it? The one about constant motion. I don't think I would ever take it off.


You have completely captured how I get through the days...and why I'm always a few minutes late for everything (just switching another load from washer to dryer).


you are far better than I. 10 minutes? I'll just sit here lazily.... ;)

Grumpy Momma

Ugh...sounds exhausting.

Oh, wait a minute....that's MY life!

It IS exhausting!!! :-)


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The 1938 version also foreshadowed some of the offscreen drama that has surrounded latter-day efforts. The project was originally developed for James Cagney, one of Warners' reigning stars, but when he had a falling out with the studio, the part went to relative newcomer Flynn, who had hit it big wielding a sword in 1935's "Captain Blood," in which he co-starred with Olivia DeHavilland, who would become his Maid Marian.
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