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September 21, 2009


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I think I need to stop back here after a good night of sleep and check out those links! I know you wouldn't try anything unhealthy.
And tofu noodles?? That sounds great! I usually make spaghetti for the gang and I put my sauce plus a small serving (1/4 cup) of noodles on a plateful of fresh greens, but tofu noodles might be my ticket on pasta-craving nights.

Like you, I do better with routines (as long as I don't allow myself to skip meals and become too hungry to think).


I have been hearing about these gosh darn noodles for a couple of years now on the Hungry Girl website and for the life of me I can't find them anywhere! We don't have Henry's. :(
I hear ya on the "meat" diets. I am a pasta and breads girl and meat is something I do every-so-often, so as they worked I missed my carbs sooooo much!
I'm interested in hearing about your progress with this new product.


I just clicked over and read about Sensa. It's so tempting; however, I'm going to put the idea in my hopper and let it shake around for a few days. Since years of my life have been about hating my body and fighting off and regaining pounds, I have to not make decisions on impulse!

Good luck with continuing to peel away those lbsssssssssssssssss

busy bee suz

I think you are going to do great with this plan and your new routine.
I really want to try these noodles...you have perked my taste buds.
ps. I could also live long periods of time with NO meat...wish I could convince my family of this too. (ok, just the husband)


I LOVE meat. But I also like my pasta and bread. There isn't a fad diet out there that would work for me. Good luck on your new endeavor!

Jen on the Edge

I'm in the process of losing a lot of weight -- at least 60 and probably more -- so this is interesting to me. I'm looking forward to hearing about your successes (and I know there will be MANY) in the coming months.


I felt like I was reading my own thoughts there for a moment. I was a vegetarian for a long time and the healthy food comes easy to me as well, just a LOT of it... Especially when I am sad... or happy. Or medium. OK, OK, all the time...

I would LOVE to try it, but I will have to wait until I am not breastfeeding... Just to be safe. I want to know more for sure! I read a little about it and it makes a lot of sense. I can't wait for updates. Tell us how it makes you feel too...


I think I will wait and see how you like it. Have you heard about the stuff found in wine? I cannot think of the name right now. Anyway, I tried it for a while, and had to get off it, because it was making me sick to my stomach. I'm wary of the "free trial" offers, because you always end up signed up to automatically receive more, and have your credit card charged!


I wish you hadn't mentioned steak in this post. Now I have to go to Costco and buy Filet Mignons. EVIL WOMAN!

I've heard of that product and I've heard good things about it. I've leveled off at 130 and have decided to stop fighting it. If I walk more and eat fruits, I drop weight but am not consistent. I miss my thin clothes.

phd in yogurtry

It works with our sense of smell, huh? Do you notice anything different while you're eating? Interesting concept. Good luck. Sounds like you are off to a great start.

p.s. Odd, I just started Bob Greene & Oprah's book, The Connection, where she rattles off all the fad diets she tried over the years. I'm reading it to get inspired.


Sounds interesting. And your goals are good - I need to do this too.


I'm heading to Henry's! yum!

Mike Cole

You should try sensa to control your eating habits. Learn how to control your eating consumption. Sensa is like the best thing out there, with the right diet plan you can accomplish a lot.

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