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September 08, 2009


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phd in yogurtry

When I enrolled my son in Kg, I was given a list of "skills" he was expected to learn. Tieing shoelaces being one. Our summer homework, you might say.

But when my twins came along? mercy, that was a tall order. thank you, velcro.

phd in yogurtry

Oh and about the "shy" child?
Rule/Out: Parental Separation Anxiety Disorder. AKA Parents-SAD.


Love that girl. She's got them fooled, that's for sure, which probably comes in handy on occasion.

As for tying shoes? My son didn't figure it out with any sort of consistency until he was, like, 8 or so. We'd try to get him to work on it, but he always has better things to do. And since they make those cool shoes with the velcro, it was never an issue. I guess that, as parents of four kids, we just chose not to fight that battle until it became a real issue. He's now a knot-tying maniac, and no worse for it . . .


Oh, that's a great story! So many times it's the parents and NOT the kids who have a problem with separation. :)
I have a 2nd grader who looks like a preschooler who can not tie his shoes. Believe you me, he WILL know how to tie them this month, because I certainly am not going to do it.
I guess it could be worse as there is a kindgergartner at my school who still wears diapers. Yah, that was new one for our K teachers.
Glad your day went well!

Smalltown Mom

OH Jenn... I feel for you.

My latest assignment as an aide is in first grade. And the shoelaces are a huge issue. I hope to have a post on that soon!


My 4th grader can tie his shoes, but they keep coming untied. I still can't figure out his problem!
That little girl cracked me up! Oh, she's going to be a fun one, I think...

And yes, that age group is cute and needy and exhausting -- even without back pain & meds combo. Try to get plenty of rest this week (yeah, right). No, really.


Can you teach me how to put on my high top green striped sneakers and tie those laces? I'm not kidding, they're a NIGHTMARE.


ROFLMAO! Can't wait to hear more about that little one :-)




Love it! My daughter was a day-care kid and with her personality was always comfortable in new situations. Dropping her off at school was more of a "see ya later Mom!!" situation. Although, a "Love you!" generally followed before she disappeared.

Hugs and strength!

apathy lounge

OMG!! So cute! My 5th graders immediately ask the same question that I previously answered during instructions. Even the ones who are actually quiet don't get stuff the first time. I think I have one kid who still coulnd't tie his shoes as of last year and that's why he kept wearing his mother's slippers to summer school. No, I'm not kidding.

Jen on the Edge

I think the shoe tying thing is because so many kid wear slip-on shoes or shoes with Velcro.

Neither of my girls figured it out until they were 8. Then again, I'm left handed and they're right handed, so I tie backwards and couldn't figure out how to teach them, so my husband was in charge of teaching them that skill, which is why it took more years than I thought it would.


I have the feeling she's going to be one of your favorites! The little girl I watch is 7, and still can't tie her shoes. The reason - her mom is too busy to teach her, and I don't want to do it. Call me crazy, but I think that is a parent's job, and they should make the time.

busy bee suz

total cuteness batman? you will have so much to blog about!!!!
Have fun.


I'm totally guilty on the kids not knowing how to tie their shoes, but my 10 yo has never had a pair of shoes that tie (no, wait - I put him exclusively in tie shoes until he was about 3 (so he wouldn't take them off ALL THE TIME)). He has never seen the need to really learn. I would definitely make sure a kid knew how to tie their shoes if they are going to be wearing tie shoes.

Green Girl in Wisconsin

hee hee hee. I giggle at that little girl!
My sons are horrible shoe tiers. We need to work on that.


I tried for WEEKS to teach LMC to tie her shoes, with no success. ONE week in preschool, and she was a pro! I think she was trying to make me look bad :)


You can thank the invention of VELCRO and the overuse of it on small shoes for the inability to tie shoes. My kids didn't see me tie their shoes for an example until about late preschool and those were church shoes. Velcro just makes it easier. And then Skechers markets shoes that you "don't have to tie" as if it is a great thing.

Actually, it kind of is.

Our first grade teachers send home a note EVERY SINGLE WEEK - reminding us to teach our kids to tie shoes.

My kids know how cuz they are gifted like that - and determined.



That girl is adorable and I'm betting she's pretty smart too.

Both my kids learned to tie shoes before kindergarten, but I had a home day care with those kinds of toys. They were at an advantage.


That is the cutest story!
BTW: I didn't learn to tie my shoes till well into first grade; neither did my kids. Maybe we're slow on fine motor...


We have 2 different toys and a puzzle all with different fasteners and laces. My kids have had absolutely no interest in them. We finally gave up on the toys and just used real shoes and clothes. I think it made more sense to them that way.

My neighbor is teaching 1st graders this year and is very excited about it. She is going to hatch chickens in her room. How cool is that?


I have a dear friend who just dotes on her first graders, her school talked her into another grade one year - but she got back to the first grade as soon as she could.

Do you find the shoelace issue more with boys? My girls could tie in pre-school but my boy insisted on velcro well on into grade school...

Jenn @ Juggling Life

I don't care if parents teach them or not, but if they don't know DO NOT
send them with tie shoes. It is crazy how many shoes a day I'm tying!

On Wed, Sep 9, 2009 at 10:42 AM, wrote:

Jenn @ Juggling Life

Yes--but then again you should see the shoes some of these girls are
wearing--platform sandals! My kids school was super serious about enforcing
the dress code, but this school is more lackadaisical.

On Wed, Sep 9, 2009 at 3:35 PM, wrote:


it's all those velcro shoes --my first grader is learning to tie his shoes right now.....

can't wait to hear more about the classroom.


Love the story about the "shy" girl! Don't know about the shoe tying. Probably a combination of laziness on the parents' part and the prevalence of Velcro. I'd say if the parents don't care, just ignore those untied shoes. Except that could come back and bite you if a kid ever tripped and hurt themselves.


It's been awhile, but I believe shoe tying was a skill mastered in pre-K, Kindergarten at the latest!


Oh, it will be wonderful to hear your teaching adventures here!

Grumpy Momma

Meaning they could tie their shoes at three? I have tried teaching Big Nut (he asked to learn and really tried), but he seriously just doesn't have the fine motor skills yet. He just turned four in August.

Jenn @ Juggling Life

Kids are different, but yes, mine could all tie as 3-year olds. My youngest
daughter was 2+1/2. She had incredible fine motor skills and didn't like
anyone being able to do something she couldn't.
Barring motor skills issues, I think by 5 is a reasonable expectation. Most
of these kids can't do it because no one has ever taught them--plain and


On Sat, Sep 19, 2009 at 4:46 PM, wrote:

Lori Anderson

I just cannot teach this to my son. Can. Not. Teach. I can teach him to paint and to write and to cook and to even put dishes in the dishwasher, but shoe tying? Not happening. He just started first grade, can read, can write, can discuss intelligently things that the teachers are amazed by, but those two pieces of string, they flummox us both.

I guess I'm a bad mom that way. :-(

Jenn @ Juggling Life

At least you're trying! I'm sure there are some kids that can't do it, but
the biggest reason most kids can't is because their parents don't teach
All 4 of my kids had the same kindergarten teacher. With my oldest (now 24),
shoe-tying was one of her "20 things I can do" check-off list for the kids.
By the time the youngest went through (14) shoe-tying was off the list. I
asked the teacher about this. She told me that it used to be that 5 out of
32 kids couldn't tie their shoes in kindergarten and that was a manageable
number for her to teach. When my youngest was in K she was one of 3 (out of
20) kids that could do it. Too many kids to teach.

I would just say that if a child can't tie their shoes, they need to wear
velcro shoes OR their shoes should be firmly double-knotted by the parents
before school. When I tell you I tie 20 shoes I day, I do not exaggerate.


On Sun, Sep 20, 2009 at 1:08 PM, wrote:

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