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October 01, 2009


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Oh, my goodness, 10yo SnakeMaster would LOVE LOVE LOVE to receive this prize package!! He is into watching Animal Planet and Discovery Channel just for the joy of learning new things about animals and nature. He wants to grow up to tell others about his love of animals, the great outdoors, and conservation. Steve Irwin is his hero. (I think SnakeMaster would enjoy a conversation with MVP!)

Katie Jennings

Hi Jenn, I'd love to give this to my cousin- she's 8 years old and completely obsessed with animals and nintendo DS, so she'd be over the moon to receive this. Thank you for taking the time to do a giveaway!

Reluctant Blogger

Aww my little one would love that book and toy. He is seven and has just learnt to swim Butterfly (or Dolphin as he calls it - never sure exactly why it is called Butterfly!).

But I think I live a little too far away to be included in your prize draw!


I'd love to give this to my dear daughter, who just moved to the Wild West from the ocean and misses it so much!

Just Mom

I'd give it to my youngest (age 10) who is a non-fiction fan and loves his Nintendo DS. I will admit the plush animal will likely become a dog toy because that's what happens to ALL plush animals in our house!

Michele D

I love love love this dolphin. It's at the St. Petersburg aquarium. They have some awesome animals there. My DD is a huge animal lover and this would have a place of honor in our home library.


I think both my kids would love this book. DS could read it to DD. They always liked the dolphins at the aquariums we go to.


My 9 year old daughter is dolphin-crazy; she would adore this!


Oh my gosh! I know just the little girl for this gift! *fingers crossed!*


I've just started reading your blog (I've read through most of the archives and I got hooked). This book sounds amazing! I've always been fascinated with dolphins. I would love to give this book to my nephew because he always wants to look at the glass dolphins I have when he comes to visit. This would be much safer! He's only 3 but he has always loved books and I know he'd enjoy it being read to him until he can read it himself!


My great-nephew would absolutely love to have this - count me in.


My 2 boys - 10 and 6 love dolphins and they could split this little package perfectly!! They would have to share the book but the 6 yr old would get the stuffed animal and the 10 yr old would get the DS game! Love your site - it keeps me giggling and it reminds me I am sane!

Patti Flesher

Wow this looks like a great book and even if I don't win it I will probably buy it for my 10yo daughter who wants to be a marine biologist. She is so into animal studies that the Internet isn't enough for her current report, she "needs to go library because the Intenet isn't as good as reading a book."


My duaghter is in high school, but she would LOVE this! I might like it, just a little, too. :)


That sounds like such an interesting, captivating story!

Honey Mommy

I would definitely give this to my son. He is only three, but he loves books like this! He loves any story about animals.

umur kocak

My daughter would definitely adore it. She is only two years old and she is crazy for all animals especially dolphins and dogs. I believe that she would go to bed with this lovely dolphin plush and I would read her that book. She would dream about oceans while sleeping with her dolphin toy. Thanks...


I have a very special student who would shine up like a Christmas tree over this book... I'll pay the postage if "I" win...


I would love to win this prize package for my son. He loves reading and loves animals.

k. C.

I would love to give this to my daughter, she loves dolphins just like me. THanks!

phd in yogurtry

My youngest are 11 yrs old. But this dolphin stuffed animal looks like the book is marketed for younger?

Grumpy Momma

I'd give it right to my little Nuts - Big Nut is very into the ocean right now. ("Mom, are crabs friendly?") and both love books.

Deb D

Well I think I'd love it for myself! However being the good auntie I am I would give it to my sweet niece who is lucky enough to live in a place where you can sometimes actually see pilot whales (who are cousins to dolphins).

I was lucky enough to swim with dolphins once and it remains as one of the photo highlights in my memory!

Green Girl in Wisconsin

That is a cool gift idea. As the mom of boys, nonfiction is always a hit around here...animals top their list, although normally the prehistoric type:)

Can Can (Mom Most Traveled)

I would like to win this for my two sons! They are 2 and 4 (5 at the end of October! :)


I'd love to give this to my niece. She wants to work at Sea World when she grows up.

Robyn Sarvis

I would love to donate this book and the goodies to my son's preschool. We read Owen and Mzee all the time and he loves it. He'd love to share it with his friends!


Gavin is currently infatuated with Dolphins and tells me there is this place called Sea World where you can really see Dolphins up close. I'm thinking a book is as close as we are going to get while we are living in the midwest.



I would give this to my friend's son, who want to be a marine biologist.


My husband has been reading to my son at night and it sounds like something my son would enjoy.

Gregory just loves books. I only wish I could read to him.


Oh!!! I'd give it to my daughter! She'd LOVE it!

Donna Brown

Oh I want this awesome book for my niece! She would love it! Thanks for the giveaway.

Winning Readings

This would go to my 2yo daughter! I'm pretty sure she'd love it...

Posted about this at Winning Readings: http://winningreadings.blogspot.com/2009/10/winters-tail.html

janemaritz at yahoo dot com


I'd love to win this for my four year old daughter. She'd love it! thanks for the great giveaway!


My son would love the book and my daughter would love the DS gaame! Both love dolphins and would enjoy this immensely!

Suzy Q

I would love to give this to my mom. What a heartwarming story, and she could use it at the children's service at church or with my niece and nephew.

Kathy James

My 11 year old daughter would love love love this book!!! She got to swim with a dolphin last year in cancun and she still talks about it! I would be the best mom in the world if I was randomly picked to win this for her.. Thanks!!

Renee G

I would give this to my nephew. He's a big fan of both the nintendo ds and science.



I would give the DS game and stuffed dolphin to my daughter for Christmas; the book, I would let her donate --in her name -- to a local organization that collects new books for young children.
HobartsMama at AOL.COM


I'm Cristina and I live in Illinois I would love this more than any thing in the world I would do anything for it I would die for it I would even jump of a clif or I would give it to my daughter who loves dolphin tale more than anything in the world

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