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November 30, 2009


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Reading, for sure!
coping mechanism, escape mechanism.


I admire this coping mechanism. It's a way of escape. Unfortunately, as a workaholic, I tend to throw myself into my work even more. If I can't slow down enough to breathe, it won't bother me. Right? Not necessarily, but it's apparently what I do.

I hope things turn around for you soon, and you can read for pleasure because you want to, not because you feel you need to. ;)


Reading is excellent therapy; it's the best escape I know. I use it quite a bit. Unfortunately, I pair it with snacking as a coping mechanism. Not good at all.

apathy lounge

Old movies with well-memorized dialog. Books. Napping. Internet surfing.


sadly. eating :-(
tho' i used to be an avid reader similar to you. i think it's pure escapism and i am compiling a list of books that i want to read and have a small mountain of half read ones. must. get. back. to. it.


Reading, for sure. But also cleaning EVERYTHING. Last year when I found out my grandma past away, I started scouring the stove top and drip pans of my college apartment stove. My roommates thought I was crazy.

Jen on the Edge

My coping mechanism is to do everything I can to bring order to my world -- usually by lots of cleaning and de-cluttering.

At my most stressed, I also tend to go to bed earlier at night because that's truly the only thing I can do.


I wish this was my coping mechanism. I usually eat & sleep. NOT a good combo.


I do that, wake up and read if I can't sleep. There are a lot worse things, huh?
Hope your unbloggable events work themselves out and you get some sleep...


I wish this was my coping mechanism. Mine seems to be eating junk.


I hope everything is ok over there on the west coast. Reading is a good escape...whatever it takes to get through whatever it is you need to get through.
Me? I tend to freeze up and am unable to actually DO anything when I'm under stress. Not good.
Hang in there!


I usually eat & sleep (or eat and space-out) as coping mechanisms. Reading is a healthier response! For both of us, I'm sorry our responses aren't exercise.
I'm sorry you have having to go through some STUFF right now. I hope life improves for you soon!


Knitting - comfort knitting, of course. Scarves and dishcloths and hats, oh my!

Need a scarf?

Review that book that was outside the pile!

Reluctant Blogger

The main thing is that you have found a coping mechanism that works for you. And as you say it is not a destructive one.

I find reading is the last thing to return when I am stressed. I just can't read, can't do anything that requires me to have that kind of focus.

I have to run - hard and often. It kills the pain, gives me some space. I dunno, it is just what works for me. I don't eat when I am stressed but I do tend to turn to alcohol, not in terms of getting drunk but just every day to dull the pain.

Do try to get out and exercise if you can because if you don't and you put on oodles of weight you will feel more glum. Even the smallest amount of exercise is better than none at all.

Big hugs, Jenn.


chocolate and lots of it. and staying up way too late watching tv/movies or surfing the internet.

hope things get less stressful for you soon.

hugs to you

Green Girl in Wisconsin

Eating. Kicking stuff. They kind of balance each other out, too.
Sorry things are awful for you. It's reverse for me--I read more when all is calm and well.

Yo is Me

i go to the library and wander the aisles.

i know you have a great support system and everything, but if you need anything, let me know.

you'll get through whatever this is.

Mom Taxi Julie

working in the yard, the computer, scrapbooking, reading. I'm always tuned "out" and "in" to something else lol.


Hugs Jenn for what ever you are going through! My coping mechanisms? They have all failed me of late, but eating and disappearing...napping. Disengaging.

They don't work.


Hey, firefox finally let me back in. Stupid internet!


Sadly wine, bourbon in a pinch. Sorry about the current situation :(- love and prayers!


Who copes? I panic. I stress. I get massive heartburn. I lay in bed sleepless and then when I finally sleep, I refuse to wake up...hiding under the covers is as close as I get to coping.

Hang in there. Reading and the escape that can come from that sounds like a healthy release.


Well, today it was Buble's new CD played in the car on the way home to soothe my nerves. Then, a "food fight" (plastic food) with my kid. Giggles always clear my stress. Now, it's blogging and Doritos!

Hope whatever is going on doesn't last long.

San Diego Momma

Used to be TV and movies.

Lately, it's wine.

And whine.

I'm a real keeper. :)

Hope all is well with you.


Oh Jenn, I am doing the same thing. I read The Help (464 pages) The Moment I First Believed (750 pages) and Home Safe (272 pages) in the last 5 weeks. It is were I hide. Now if I could just stop stress eating...

Hang in - better days ahead.


I also read as a way to get through bad times, or as avoidance. I find it so soothing.


I'm one hell of a good two-minute cry-er. Also, I love booze. More than anything, though, I have to say what I'm thinking. If I try to keep it in, I get all sick feeling--irrevocably. But if I let my thoughts pour out, it begins the processing. It doesn't make the problem go away, but it does help me let go of the gut-wrenching agony.

I'm really sorry you're having a tough time.

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