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December 03, 2009


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Smalltown Mom

And the tough part about assemblies is you have to sit there with them, you can't go back to the classroom and prep like you can with with music/art pullouts!

My son is IRATE because "they" have been pulling 8th grade boys out of their 7th period class every Wednesday for weeks for some kind of anti gangracialbully crap. And for many kids, 7th period is their elective. The class they live for.

Oooh, he is so mad. I told him to write a letter to the principal. And I'm annoyed, too. Why does the elective have to suffer? Pull them out of all classes equally!

As a parent, I have never received ANY information on these pullouts and I think I should complain, but since I work at the school and already complained about something else today... oh dear.

Reluctant Blogger

One of my sons absolutely hates disruptions like that. They are generally meant to be fun but he gets really cross about them! He says he gives up his time to go to school to learn and fun stuff is for at home. The others like any distraction from lessons!

And I for one have no doubt that you are doing the right job for you and for the pupils too. I would love for you to teach my sons!


Fundraiser assemblies get my ire up as a parent! The students get pulled out of class to turn them into supposedly excited, materialistic salespeople (which always dies by dinner time anyway).
The disrespect given to teachers (from many sources) is why I couldn't do your job.
You have my admiration!


The situation is somewhat different in Sweden - we're not reqquired to follow a lesson plan clad in iron - but assemblies and other extra-curricular events can drive me mad! Jog-a-thons, rehearsing for St. Lucia, anti-drug drives... Giv me strength!

busy bee suz

I never thought of this from a teacher's perspective...looks like it would cause quite a back-log problem.
So, how tall will your statue be?


Even my kids complain about assemblies! Never once have I heard... "we had the best assembly today". I have no doubt you have the perfect job for you!


Even as a parent I loath the assemblies and other special/fun/ enrichment/activity things that disrupt the regular schedule and actual learning. Don't even get me started on the parents who let their kids join four different sports teams, band AND chorus and then try to dictate when and/or if other extra-curricular clubs are allowed to meet when their kids encounter scheduling conflicts. Gah.


Working at our HS for 3 years, I hear you!
So glad you are becoming a teacher; lucky kids!


For me, the worst teaching days were the standardized testing days. Boooooring. Not to mention having to stand up in front of the class to give the spiel on how important and life-changing and serious these tests were when, frankly, I think they're a pile of hooey.

Manic Mommy

Funny to read this after I spent 45 minutes at school this morning, copying and stuffing envelopes. I'll keep this in mind as I get more involved.

phd in yogurtry

Erect that statue and I will be there bowing.


Huh...I always figured it gave the teachers a bit of a break from the classroom! Intersting to find it isn't so.

My kids are always complaining about having to go to the dumb assemblies too.


That's how I knew it was time to get out of the classroom. I was looking forward to assembly times because it meant less to plan for.


It goes both ways. It is incredible for me, now that I am a mother, after already being a teacher, how many things I just didn't understand.

That is one thing about teaching - no time to get bored!

Green Girl in Wisconsin

I'd worship you if you did that. Those pep rallies and assemblies and the lot of it drove me NUTS--especially when we had holiday breaks coming up.


I can only imagine how frustrating all the interruptions are to teachers. My son has THE BEST second grader teacher this year...I have so much respect for her.

And so happy you've found the right career for yourself. Not many people can say that!


Oooo, I HATE fundraiser assemblies, both as a teacher and a parent. My son comes home from those danged things and gets mad at him because I tell him no, I'm not going to buy 200 things so he can get the $15 toy robot prize. And my kids from very poor households who know they're not able to sell anything feel horrible.

We need the fundraisers because heaven knows the state isn't actually funding anything anymore. But we could do it without the awful assemblies!


I mean my son gets mad at ME.


I agreed that the kids don't even seem to enjoy the programs - so why disrupt the already too crammed academic schedule? We ued to have after school and evening assemblies when I was in high school.

Jenn @ Juggling Life

I saw your comment on JCKs post over at the WC--I always had a book at the park. Always.



I feel like I maybe once before mentioned Vic's blog to you, but she, as a teacher, has a post that reminds me of your sentiments here: http://plotthickens.blogspot.com/2009/10/first-we-made-it-all-red-and-swollen.html


I agree with you and I'm not a teacher.


Aunt Becky

It's awesome that you're finding your way. ROCK ON.

anna see

Oh yes, I remember this well as a teacher. And as a parent, my daughter had VERY little instructional time last wk b/c of 3 assemblies.

Stacie Harris

I am with you on this as a parent. These assemblies are distracting and time consuming. One day I asked my daughter, are you ever in the classroom? She laughed.


loving the image of your statue with teachers prostrate around it!

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