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January 14, 2010


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The GIrl Next Door

OK so I had to read this twice and am still laughing out loud! poor GuG!

Grown-up Girl

Thanks mom. Thanks for the recall of that particular event. It wasn't humiliating enough the first TWO times. But please, continue to mortify me to entertain your blog buddies while ignoring everything GOOD I've done in the past few months, won't you? =)

Smalltown Mom

Noticing GuG's comment...I'm so sorry she is mortifed. But it is edifying for the rest of us.
So as she asked, give us some Good GuG. For her sake!


This still makes tears roll down my cheeks as I sit here silently at 1am, shaking with laughter and empathizing mortification at the same time.
And that picture of GuG? Total sweet innocence.

Reluctant Blogger

haha I remember this post from last time. Amazingly I laughed just as much second time round. Poor girl - the horror, the horror. I bet the incident still repeats on her to this day.

Gorgeous picture. It looks rather 1960s, doesn't it?

busy bee suz

I am laughing so hard!!!!
Then I laughed even harder at GUG's comment!!!! This is historical.


This couldn't be more hilarious & precious & perfect. What a cool kid. And even now, I get some of the 'm' words mixed up too.


I read that last time and loved it.
Poor child. :-)
I can just imagine how mortified she must have felt,
and how hard everyone laughed when she realized her 'error'.


That is so hilarious! I've mixed up words like that a few times, ok, more than a few! It helps me feel better hearing I'm not the only one!

That photo of GuG is adorable.


GUG, I realize that is embarrassing, but maybe some of your mom's blog buddies really needed a laugh. And, come on, it IS funny! : )

Green Girl in Wisconsin

Hahahaaha! I needed that laugh this morning. Thank you, Jenn!


Aw, your daughter shouldn't feel mortified; I'll be Gugu benifited from the advice on Both topics...


Oh, but I feel for GuG at that tender age...
This post reminded me of an incident from the late 80's or so - I must make it into a post!


Sister mercy, now THAT'S entertainment.

Jenn @ Juggling Life

Since Grownup Girl is a HUGE BOSSY fan, Im sure the embarrassment of the re-run was totally worth it for her!


She'll never forget that! Classic. And what a beatiful portrait of her.



phd in yogurtry

And now we ALL know : )

Baby Favorite

I feel her pain!

About 10 years ago (in other words, I was a grown adult), I was talking with a complete stranger about an F-A/18 that had crashed near the base where we worked. I added that, fortunately, the pilot had "ejaculated" from his jet and wasn't injured.

It wasn't until I got into my car and drove away that I realized what I had said.

It still haunts me today.

stephanie (bad mom)

This really is still brilliantly amusing. Sorry, GuG. ;D


I love stories like this!! We all have them...it helps to know we aren't alone!


This is one of my favorite stories. Favorites!



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