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January 01, 2010


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I was just thinking about 10 years ago, the NY Eve I spent with my grandparents. I had just started dating a guy, and he asked me to go out, but something told me spending the night with my grandparents would be a better memory, and boy was I right. I called my grandpa last night to remind him of that night and we laughed about it.
Happy New Year! I hope this is a great year for you and your family.

Manic Mommy

I like it! Ten years ago, I was engaged and spending the New Year at an Inn in VT, waiting for Y2K to bring us back to the Stone Age.


10 years ago my kids were 12, 8, and 5, and my marriage had only been over 2 years. God. I hadn't even decided to move to Martha's Vineyard yet. Can't imagine what the next 10 will bring us....

Green Girl in Wisconsin

Ten years ago I nursed my firstborn at midnight during the Y2K craze that made my computer-salesman hubby a ton of money. I remember standing with him on the porch of our little house hearing the cheers in the neighborhood and half wondering if the lights would go out.


Amazing what ten years can do.

I'm relieved because I actually thought you had something real stolen from you, like a car or something, on New Year's Eve.


busy bee suz

I love this. 10 years makes a huge difference...remember this time 10 years ago we were concerned with Y2K as well? :)
Happy New Year


ten years ago I had one kid -- and he was just one year old. Hard to believe....

Baby Favorite

Wow! Amazing how much can change in ten years, isn't it?

Ten years ago today, I was only a few weeks' pregnant with my daughter and had a preschool-aged boy.

Now I have a 10-year-old (who will be in middle school in the fall!), and a 14-year-old high schooler. *sigh*

anna see

Wow! I loved this!

10 years ago I was nursing my first baby.

Now that little boy is up with a toothache because HIS BRACES HURT!


Oh, this is a very cool idea--and it shows how compressed life is...to be in the midst of something, yet it's almost over. Sigh.


This whole new decade thing dawned on me the other day...hadn't even realized another was over. 10 years ago...I had an almost-2-year old...and was working in a job I thought I loved (how wrong I was!)I'm still here, which always surprises me, when I think about it. Amazing how time slips by.
Happy 2010 to you Jenn and to you family and all those you hold dear!!


What a difference 10 years make!


I'm relieved your theft was only figurative, and not literal :)

I loved doing this because 10 years sounds like so much less time in books and movies, but in *real* life... MAN a lot changes. Happy new year!!!


We have a lot in common with our 10 years in review (it's my Christmas letter with the same husband, same kids theme), although I still have only 1 kid who drives (17yo hasn't yet gotten off his duff) and college is looming as a financial $care on the horizon.

Happy 2010! (And I'm glad the theft was only a blog theft!)

Mom Taxi Julie

Cute idea! It's amazing how much life changes in 10 years!


Stumbled upon your blog from......hmmm, can't remember where. Like it! Thanks!


Our ten years ago look very similar!


I like the ten years ago idea!

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