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February 17, 2010


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Baby Favorite

You've got 'em all, Jen. XO


Fingers and toes crossed and I'll be thinking of you and your family.


I don't "get" the love that goes into pets for myself, but I am very empathetic to anyone suffering the uncertainty associated with any living creature they love so much and has become such a part of their family.



Poor puppy!


I'm so sorry that your puppy dog is sick. Take care.

Smalltown Mom

We and our ancient anemic arthritic cat are sending good thoughts and loud purrs.


I couldn't put a pet down before it was time, no matter what the cost since I was afraid I couldn't live with that decision down the road. I wrote the checks for 2 years.

Because of that, The SPCA in NYC on 90th and York referred to human patients as "Not a Suzy" or "A Suzy" based on the level of care I gave my little Yorkie.

That I can live with.

Come on Beaux, RALLY! (Big hugs honey, big hugs)


Beaux truly is beau! Y'all have my prayers, too.

busy bee suz

Sending prayers and good juju her way.




Oh poor Beaux. Wishing for the best in all the horrible decisions for your family.


oh, I'm so sorry. Hoping she recovers well and quickly. Hang in there.


Oh, no! We have indeed been down that road with one of our cats. It's heart-wrenching. You're all in my thoughts today...sending you love.


Oh Dear,
Been there, done this scenario multiple times unfortunately. Know that whatever happens, your pup is grateful for you and you've done your best to help him heal.... My heart breaks for you and the rest of your family. Take Care,


Poor dog - here's hoping for quick healing.

green girl in Wisconsin

Oh that is so sad. I'm praying for your family, Jenn.


What a sweet face. Sending healing thoughts to Beaux.


Sending all the good healing thoughts I can!

Manic Mommy

I still miss our little Maddie-Dog every day! Best wishes for a speedy recovery, Beaux. They truly are our babies and we're their mommies.

Aunt Becky

Sending you love and light. I'm so sorry.


Oh, that's awful! (Hugs to you all). Hope Beaux recovers.


Hugs and healing vibes to Beaux.

Mary Alice

Awww Jenn. You know that I am a dog lover, so many prayers for your sweet girl..and for you, I know things are stressful right now.

Kelly, The Glass Dragonfly

My thoughts are with all of you and your Beaux.


Aw. Poor sweetie. I hope she'll be OK.


Dogs, like people, should go peacefully in their sleep and preferably at a ripe old age. Hope she’s OK.


Oh, no... Such a hard situation to be in. Here's hoping all goes well.


Jen, fingers crossed for your sweet little girl!


Oh Jenn, I am so sorry. I will keep Beaux in my thoughts and prayers.

Slow Panic

poor baby. sending every kind of postive energy to her and prayers as well.


I hope your little girl is going to be okay. I'm going to hug my puppy girls extra hard when I get home! Sending good energy!

gary rith

OH SWEETIE! Penny beagle sends hogs and kisses :)

ccr in MA

Oh, I'm so sorry. Thinking of you all.

Prof. J

My puppies and I send all our love.

Brightside Susan

All my best to you and your family.

Deb D

Oh Jen - my heart goes out to you and your family. I know how hard it is to make these decision.

mrs. g.

Sending puppy juju your way. What a darling sweetheart.

Baby Favorite

Thinking of you guys.... praying....

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