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March 09, 2010


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SnakeMaster is a 4th grader who enjoys Hardy Boys mysteries. I think he'd like these books!
Thanks for the opportunity, Jenn! :)


My kids (5th and 8th grade boys) love this series, but don't own them. I didn't realize the series had gotten up to 8 books already though.


That sounds like something my fourth grader would adore! Great idea for a giveaway. :)


My boys.. sounds right up my 5th graders alley.. then my 7th grader would steal it and read it but deny he is actually reading for fun.

The Momma

My girl reads books like there is no tomorrow-just devours them. She loves mysteries and puzzles and this sounds like a great way to keep her reading!


My 11yo girl who hardly bothers with books that aren't series because she always wants to read MORE!!!

Life with Kaishon

I think my son would like this book!

I LOVED the post beneath about your friend that did not like something on facebook. I think that all the time too. My husband thinks I am an idiot : )

green girl in Wisconsin

Oooh...that is pretty cool. Mysteries and puzzles are always winners!


Um - you reading my mind? I just posted on Facebook yesterday asking for book ideas for my 13 year old boy! Whether I win or not doesn't matter - now I have something promising to add to our list for the year because I know he would love these!

Michele D

My 8 year old, going to be 9 years old in 3 days, daughter. She goes thru books like water. I have stopped buying books (mostly) since she goes thru them like crazy. I love it when we find a series she likes, cause that's less work for me to find more books for her to read.


My bookworm of a son LOVES these books. And, like the above comment, I've stopped buying books. We order them from the library. I'd go broke, otherwise ;)


My 7 year old son - this week is book fair week at school and he was so excited to get new books. He is in the first grade and just starting to read, and loves to be read to.

gary rith


San Diego Momma

You don't have to enter me...but I have to tell you...I read this series! The Maze of Bones was awesome. I'm truly a kid at heart. (And in the head.)

Just Mom

My Youngest read the first one recently - I skimmed it and thought it looked like a DaVinic Code for kids - fun! Please enter me.


My son was just looking at this serious the other day, he would love it.

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