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April 29, 2010


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Kelly, The Glass Dragonfly

My daughter and her friend (Sunny) took the Integrated PE class that is about 1/2 Special Ed. The goal, I believe, for students like Mayan to help the special ed kids and get to know them. The girls had so much fun! They really bonded with the kids. It was a wonderful experience.


I'm so glad you had this experience. No doubt the teaching profession will be a better place for it. And you deserve these exquisite joys, Jenn. Thanks for sharing.


I love kids with Down Syndrome. They are so truly joyous, don't gossip, don't compete, aren't mean and a million other things that other kids are.

Little Miss Sunshine State

My daughter the Communication Disorders major has decided to stay in school for another 2 years to do another major in Special Ed. I hope she gets to experience what you felt in that PE class.

She used to teach tap dancing to a little girl with Down Syndrome and she misses it.


what a great experience!! And anytime you can leave a classroom with that kind of feeling? yeah. it's a great day.
My last year of teaching in the States, I had Special Ed. kids mainstreamed into my room for social studies and art. i have to admit that though i was a bit reluctant at first (seriously? ESL AND Special Ed?), that year was probably one of my favorites! We had such wonderful lessons and watching my ESL kids with the others was just wonderful!!
I wish you many more days of that "once in a lifetime" feeling!!

Reluctant Blogger

You sound a seriously wonderful teacher, Jenn and what a fantastic school.

We had a young lady with Downs Syndrome who used to work at the boys' playgroup back in Wales. It was wonderful for everyone. The children loved her. Parents had to help out on a rota basis and it was fab for us too to see her zest for life and the way she interacted with the children.

You're right - I always felt full of joy after the sessions I spent there.


That is Awesome. My good friend's daughter has Down Syndrome, and she would just love this post. I might send her here. How great that something that would be considered a nuisance (being asked to fill in), became something beautiful. Glad you got to have that experience!


It sounds lovely! I love situations that take me by complete surprise by their fun, when I expect them to be anything but.


I feel the same way when I go out to photograph my agency's crews. (I work for a disability agency). They love seeing the camera!
And my daughter is a daily reminder of the joys of having a child with autism. She is so funny and sweet...
Thanks for sharing your perspective.

Busy Bee Suz

This made me smile from ear to ear this morning.
YOU are a blessing!!!

green girl in Wisconsin

I used to sub for adaptive phy ed. Those kids would PUSH themselves. regular kids didn't even change clothes. It irritated me to NO end how kids with no problems practically INVENTED them in their quest for laziness.

Smalltown Mom

Yes! We have an adorable young girl with Down's Syndrome at our school. Yesterday, she hugged her big sister at lunch. And then all the sister's friends hugged her. She has the most beautiful smile -- It always makes my day better to see her smile.


It's raining here (again!), thanks for the ray of sunshine!


You have such a beautiful spirit. Thank you.


Glad you had a good experience.


I worked in our HS's Spec Ed dept for 3 years and the best part was seeing how the "normal" kids responded to these kids once they came to know them. Society kind of preps us that certain people don't have much to offer and it's so not true.


What a heartwarming post.

Life with Kaishon

This was the most beautiful post I have read all week.
Thank you
Have you read Enjoying the small things blog about a girl named Kelly's who just had a baby with down syndrome? It is amazing.

Manic Mommy

You sound positively elated! I'm so happy for you!


The way this made you feel is a lot like I feel after a really good episode of GLEE: like I've visited a place where I don't live but where amazing things are possible.


Beautifully written and lived ♥

fantastic forrest

My daughter loves to help out in the special ed room; she sees the beauty and life in the children there.

I remember years ago when I was pregnant with my son, I was called to sub a PE class. I looked like I had a medicine ball under my jumper. All the teachers crowded around the window to the gym to see me with the kids - they thought it was hilarious.


What a great experience! My son's Special P.E. teacher is one of our favorite people. I hope they keep in touch after my son graduates; they've connected and bonded so well.


I volunteer in the ER of my local hospital and each time I leave I feel like my soul has been filled. I learn something every time from the patients their family members and the staff. Mostly, I learn that your health means everything

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