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April 21, 2010


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I had a great time! Thanks for being such a great hostess!


Yay pics I can steal to post on my site! ;-) I did have my camera in my purse...it just stayed there since I was sucked into the couch of doom very early on & never did extricate myself to take my own pictures.

Seriously, thank you so much for hosting us last night. My twitter & google reader list just gained some wonderful new friends.

Tammy in MT

oh, Jenn--you are beautiful! I love how your smile lights up your whole face :)

apathy lounge

Wish I hadn't been in the hospital when she pulled through Dallas.


It was lovely to meet you, and the rest of team San Diego! Thanks for having us, Jenn! And Christina - I just put up some pics too, have at 'em!


I'm glad you all had a good time! Jen, I love that picture of you!


Love that you had fun with Bossy. She's awesome.

busy bee suz

This looks like a fabulous night for all.
In my next life, I want long arms too.

mrs. g.

I looks like a fanatastic evening!

mrs. g.

I do not looks like a fantastic evening, but your night did.

Melanie @ Mel, A Dramatic Mommy

Thank you for hosting, the use of your magic vibrator and the CAKE!


Aw, I so wanted to make it, but forgot that Tuesday nights are my husband's archery league. So no babysitter, no going out. Oh well. Next time, I hope.

Reluctant Blogger

The magic vibrator!!? Are there some less suitable photos not being shown here?

You do look fab - everyone is right. And what a magnificent couch. I don't think I'd stand up ever again if I had a couch like that to veg out on. And so great for entertaining.

Glad you all had such a great time. I almost feel envious but as you know I am petrified of posses of women!


Yes, okay, Magic Vibrator. That post is tomorrow? I met Matthew at BlogHer, and I read Jenn and Bossy and Jacquie! How totally cool was that evening. You know what I notice about that first picture? The startling blue eyes that you BOTH have!


What an incredible group of people...and a lot of fun I'm watching from afar again.
Seriously...does Bossy's hair always look good?? I would give up MY long arms (for taking cellphone pictures!) for her hair!!

and that sofa? ~~swooooooon~~ It's hard to admit actually lusting after a sofa, but...I do. That's a great sofa!


Holy hell....not "does Bossy's hair ever look good?"...but bad....does it ever look BAD?!?!?! sheesh.
time for bed for this camper.
it was the sofa....memories of that sofa messed me up.

Slow Panic

how very fun. i love how blogging can bring people together in "real" life.

Manic Mommy

Can't wait 'til Bossy hits Boston! I can't imagine she won't be an alcoholic basket case by then. Maybe that's me.

Jenn, you look great.

San Diego Momma

I want that pic of you not sitting properly in a skirt.

I bet I could get the big bucks for it.

Thanks for hosting. And the olives!

green girl in Wisconsin

what fun! And I always love a group photo--cool to see Deb in there, too!
So I'm guessing Bossy didn't get the memory foam mattress topper. bummer.


I'm glad you all had a great time!

Kelly, The Glass Dragonfly

Looks like tons of fun! I'm laughing about the memory foam topper!!


Yay! And today is LA's turn.

Lots of fun. I love you San Diego bloggers. And of course, I love BOSSY.

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