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June 21, 2010


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I would be 25 - fun year!


18 and off to college.


I'd like to go back to 29! Year my oldest was born.


that's a tough one...27 is probably my favorite year. I'd like to do college over again, but then I have a feeling I wouldn't have met my husband if I did what I should have done (gone to grad school!).

(I love The Namesake)

Little Miss Sunshine State

I would be 25. I looked good and I felt good.
I would decide to have a baby that year, instead of waiting 3 more years.

I've been reading Hemingway. I need a cupcake book!


I would like to be 17 again. That was the last summer my Grandfather was alive. He died my freshman year of college and I miss him every day. If I could re-live 17, I would spend my whole summer with him and file away each memory.

busy bee suz

How about 17...that was a turning point for me, I would try a bit harder and make some better choices!!!!
I love cupcakes.


I would be 23 again...really starting off on my own. I wonder if I would make the same decisions again. Probably not!


What age? So tricky. Maybe 25??? How about you?


Sounds like a winner. If I don't get picked, I'll just have to go out and get this! Were you one of the people who recommended "The Help" on WC? It was FABULOUS - especially in audio format and I devoured it like a really gourmet baked good. I'm now listening to "The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo"...slow starter and lots of character names to remember, but a couple hours in and I'm totally hooked.


I'd avoid 29 like the plague...I hated that "last year of my twenties complex"...I liked 32. I felt mature, together, organized and ready to take on the world.


29 was fabulous -- I was HOT, nothing sagged or drooped, etc. I had yet to find my first grey hair or have my third or fourth baby.

Melanie @ Mel, A Dramatic Mommy

I think I'd try 25. I would travel more, even if we didn't have the money. Plus I was still skinny, could eat and drink whatever I liked and could stay up all night without paying for it the next day.

green girl in Wisconsin

What fun! I think I'd go back to 22--and be braver this time around.


I'd choose the summer of my 28th year. I was energetic, the mother of 2 little guys who could keep up with them, and I was running at least 4 days a week. I'd love to have that body back so I could keep up the good work instead of eating my way to where I am now.


I'd be 22. No wait. That was the year I taught high school and (no offense) was miserable. Okay, 20.

Pick me. :)

and my brother worked in the Magnolia bakery for several years. He had an Engineering degree but worked as a cupcake froster. We joked he was the best educated cupcake froster ever!


That book sounds rather fun. I was just thinking today that I could use a light read.

I would choose 18 as a lot had changed for me and with the knowledge I have now, I would have been better to myself.


I would be 25. Have you seen the show "Being Erica"? It is along these lines. In the first episode she wrote down all the specific things she would like to go back in time and change, and then through the course of the show, she gets to do just that. The thing is, things don't always go as she thought they would when she changes things, and she learns some important lessons in the process.

That book sounds like one I would love!


I would be 30 and just had a baby. I would stress less and enjoy more!
P.S. have you read The Help yet? Fabulous!!!


The book sounds great, adding it to my summer bucket list. I would be 25 again, between 25 and 29 I lost my mom and both grandmothers, would love to have more time with them and have these last 25 years to live again, good and bad, I will do it all again!

Slow Panic

I'd be 19. Just for a day.


I would like to have my 20 year old body back but with the ease of who I am now. Always up for a bit of fun reading, isn't that why they invented summer?!!! Thanks!

Julie M

Nope, no 20's or even 30's or 40's for me. I think I'd go back to 55. Things didn't ache quite as much and I liked the person I had become.

I love to read!!


Good question -- probably 25 . .

Jayme L.

I'd like to be 23 again and be smart enough to skip that first marriage. I would have moved to San Luis Obispo to go to Cal Poly with my friend Janice. Aah, the things I should have done . . . .


I'd stick with 35 - no way would I go back to my crazy 20s. At this point, things click so well at home I've been able to go back for my masters and still keep things runnig. 35 is also perfect because my daighter is 10 - young enough to still like me and think I'm semi-cool, and old enough to fend for herself if I run out for a mani/pedi. Ahh, I think I'll celebrate 35 again next year.


Interesting how many people are choosing the twenties. I'd go with 27. The year I got the courage to divorce my first husband and met my LOML (love of my life), as I call him.


I would go back to 22 when I graduated from college. I'd love a chance to try the less "safe and comfortable" options.

If I don't get one of these copies, I'll add it to my library list. It sounds like a fun one.


I would settle for being 40 again, instead of 50...so I could enjoy my kids as KIDS some more. Now I am 50 and the oldest is off to college in August...his fraternal twin has a Special Needs Trust now (autism), the next kid will be a junior and has a job 9Sears), and the "baby" is 14 and about to get her black belt. I miss little kids!


I would be 27. My 44 year old self could use a cupcake book...

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