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September 17, 2010


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almost hockey mom

It is taking all of my self-discipline to keep from telling-off my daughters' coaches. They played the same two girls for three straight games even though they lost us points again and again and again. One of them crashed into a teammate, yelled "fuck!," glared at the teammate, and then cried. So bad playing AND bad sportsmanship? Wake up, coach!

If you're favorite players are gonna screw up, why not give the bench warmers a chance to screw up too? I am so pissed off by obvious favoritism and callous disregard of these young little athletes' hearts. We're talking 7th graders here, first time playing school sports. How can they ignore those discouraged faces?

green girl in wisconsin

I want it to frost so the mosquitoes die and I can go outside again with some pleasure.
My dad called me for the first time in over 2 years. He told me he had prostate cancer and chemo all winter.


I just accepted a request to be on a committee at the district level of my church. Not a huge time commitment, really, but I'm wondering if DH will be supportive of it.
It relates to what I really want to do, which has changed drastically in the past year. Ok, it hasn't changed. My acknowledgement of it has.
So this is one more link towards that end.
I am realizing that every link helps - out of the paid workforce for over 14 years, makes one hard to hire.
Although i do start a part time receptionist job on monday. Yea me!

mom of 2 boys

I don't want to go out to eat for my MIL's birthday tonight. Our 2 year old won't stay in a chair for more than a nano second so I will spend the whole effing evening trying to entertain him and corral him and I DON'T WANT TO. My apologies for ending my sentence with a preposition. I don't have the brain power to construct a proper sentence right now.

Also, I am both pleased and irritated that my oldest son's father (my first husband) has finally decided to be a parent after 16 years. Pleased because I don't have to go it alone (even though he lives 3+ hours away) and irritated because now he weighs in on everything even if I have a totally different POV and plan. It was easier when I was the only one making the decisions...but it was also harder when I was the only one making the decisions.


Oh, but if I only had a fire place to snuggle up to!
At the same time, I feel for the four commenters before me - I have a bloody cake-walk of a life in comparison. Lonely at times, but at least I'm the Master of my own time... (If it weren't for Loki, that is!)


I am so tired of asking for everyone to pick up after themselves. My four kids and husband don't take care of what I ask them to until I get angry. Then they scurry around to take care of what I had repeatedly asked them to do. The anger is wearing me out but when I'm being "nice" I don't get any results.

busy bee suz

I am so sick of feeling bloated....so over this. One more week and things MUST get better.


I am so, so tired of all the high school bull going on in my office. It's a very small office and used to be a pleasant place to work. Now our manager comes in late, takes long lunches, leaves early and still has to take three long weekends in a month because she has "so much vacation time that she's going to lose." How is that even possible? She has become very paranoid and drama oriented in the last six months and acts like a petulant child if you even look at her the wrong way. You talk too much, she gets mad. You don't talk enough, she gets mad. She has screwed up payroll about four times in the last two months and doesn't have even basic computer skills. The rest of us keep covering for her, and I don't know why. If you ask her about something and she doesn't know the answer, she gets furious with you and will not speak to you for a week. Insecure, anyone? She is not approachable about ANY issue and takes everything personally, even if it's something as mundane as the printer breaking down. Unfortunately her immediate supervisor and our parent company cannot be bothered with anything to do with our small operation. If any of us would complain, we would automatically be labeled as troublemakers and things would just get worse. I simply don't have the energy for it anymore, but I need the job. And so, I'm stuck. And miserable.


A co-worker runs a business while on the company time clock. WTF?! I would love to turn her in but don't want to be known (anymore than I already am) as a trouble maker or get my good friend who told me about this involved.


I am so very sick of my daughter's employer scheduling her to work at 2pm and 3pm on week days when she does not get home from school until 2:55pm. She has to rush and change, then I have to take a late lunch to get her there by 3:10 - and they then threaten to write her up. She has told them several times what her availability is, yet they ignore it. 3 weeks now. She's 17 and this is her first job, so I want her to learn how to deal with the situation. It is so hard for me not to walk in or call them and tell them exactly what I think of them. I haven't yet. We'll see if next week is different.

I could very well take out all my stress (maybe more on that for next Friday's confession) on a McD's manager next week. :)

Manic Mommy

I've been waiting for this since September 9th...

My husband is awesome and sweet and wonderful and funny and lovable...but

He needs to be more independent in some areas. Harassing me about what I want for my birthday, me telling him, and him texting pictures of wallets for me to review while I'm in the middle of chaos is not a great birthday present.

Nor is calling me on the way home from work, in traffic, asking where he can 'pick up' a birthday cake for me. Out of all the birthdays in our family, this is the only one into which he has to put any real effort.

God that sounds petty and whiny. Press post before you delete.



I get REALLY mad at a spotted wine glasses.


The new assistant manager at my old store (only been there a month) is a handsome, wonderful, sexy, dorky, sweet man who went out of his way to make sure I knew how appreciative he was of how much I'd helped him before I left and how much of a loss it was to the store. And this last year has been hell on my marriage for all sorts of reasons I clearly can't talk about on my blog, because the DH and his family read it. I'm REALLY glad I'm transferring stores so I can hopefully just stay friends with new manager man.


It's Sunday night and I am wishing that everyone would go back to where they were all day and LEAVE ME ALONE! Maybe tomorrow will be better! They have to leave for work and school right?!!!

Quiet for now

my dh told me tonight that I was a terrible liar. Yea, if only he knew. I don't have anything shocking to lie about, but I'm really good at telling him what he wants to hear most of the time.
Although tonight? Told it like it is.

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