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September 24, 2010


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old friend

My best friend and I got into a huge fight about parenting styles, as in she (newish mom) told me (with 7ish more years experience) I was doing it wrong. She is so needy and high maintenance now that she’s a stay at home mom, I really don’t care if we ever work things out. I’m happier now without her dragging me down.


It's 9:40am and I am still in my pajamas.

(I'm glad you posted that picture because it is supposed to be 98F here today and I really wish it was truly Autumn.)


I have a family member that is very insensitive and says mean spirited things frequently.

Last night as an example...I have a friend who I introduced him to (been at several parties at my place together). They get along well, and their kids like eachother. He said to me that he was going to try and get together with my friend without me. It's they way he said it, like I was in the way, and he'll work around me. I told him, "No, not cool." and he didn't say anything more about it.

I feel so childish I can't explain. I'm 37, he's 42 and I am acting like a child. She's my friend, not yours, sort of thing. I have been thinking about it non-stop since last night


I don't want to be the grown up.


i dread this time of year.

every year, we have a huge Halloween party for our friends. we have about a dozen people who come in from out of town (and stay with us - thank goodness for a large house!), and it's exhausting. we decorate the house top to bottom, and essentially do nothing BUT decorate for a little over a month. i keep trying to get my SO to start earlier, so we have breathing room, but he refuses.

so this year, i've made plans nearly every weekend. sorry, honey, can't decorate tonight - going out with the girls!

i feel SLIGHTLY bad about it, though i think i deserve some sort of break from it since i hate the decorating and the cleanup. there's just so MUCH of it.

mom taxi julie

I'm kind of glad we don't have any big leaf dropping trees! Although I did just plant a bunch more lol.

It's supposed to be 100 on Monday here! Not putting away my tank tops and flip flops yet!


Our beloved Yorkie got out of the house last week and we have not been able to find him. I am devestated to the point of driving my family crazy. My husband made the comment last night that he is pretty sure I wouldn't be this upset if HE went missing. You know, I think he may be right.


My husband and I got into a huge argument the other night. He's still not talking to me and I don't care. If this is the end of my marriage (even though that is a scary thought), I will be fine.

and, it's 86 here today! Yippie. I dread fall because winter comes after it.


One of my daughter's former teachers is dying of cancer. She is only about 50 years old. We brought her family a meal last night and she told me the "great" news - the prayers are working because she is coughing up pieces of dead tumors. She thinks she is getting better, but anyone can see she is not.

What a horrible way to die and I am so sad for her and her family.


I've come to realize that my boss's heart is about 10% blood and tissue and about 90% stone. When he asked me to transfer to his department I expected a firm hand on the reins, not a cold hand. And it has nothing to do with his treatment of me, but of fellow staff.


I have a friend who is extremely clingy and needy. I don't live up to her expectations of what she expects from me, and we argued about it the last time I saw her. About 3 weeks ago I wrote her an email detailing exactly how I felt about the relationship, and what I was willing to give and not give. I have not heard from her since. She kept asking me to be honest with her, and when I was, she's not talking to me. Oh well. I'm sad that this friendship may be at an end, but I'm glad, after 6 years I finally stood up for myself and told her what I thought. Don't know if I should call her or not - ball is in her court I guess. Any advice on what to do would be appreciated.


@Jill, I know exactly what you mean. The Professor was driving me home from the train tonight and all I could think was "please go away and never come back."


Kate- There is nothing you can do about another person's reaction to asking and receiving the truth. If you were fair and direct without being mean you set the ground rules and she can or won't oblige. I lost a lifetime friend because she asked me a question, I answered it truthfully and that wasn't what she wanted to hear. She knew she was the wrong one in the situation but didn't want to really know because that would require change on her part. It was hard to lose her, but after awhile I realized that she needed much more "help" than I could ever effectively offer and I no longer wanted to enable her taking advantage of her estranged husband indefinitely. He had been more than fair, she? Not so much and I realized that was true about many things throughout the years. Don't know if that helps, but maybe just to know someone else has been in a similar situation and I am glad you stood up for yourself. We are spread thin enough without people who drain our positive energy
with selfishness. Good luck!

busy bee suz

I never had to rake leaves...I have never lived where I felt fall. :)
I am tired just thinking about all that raking though...


Bramble - thanks for the words of support - it does help actually. I believe I was fair, and honest with her, and certainly not mean. I have had a growing suspicion that she may need professional help actually. My daughter was married to someone who is bipolar, and who refused to take his meds. The marriage ended, but not before my daughter went through hell. I can see evidence that this friend may have manic depressive tendencies, but I'm no doctor or psychiatrist. There are definite warning signs that I am all too familiar with, but I don't feel it's my place to point it out to her husband and kids, yet I feel a sense of responsibility toward her. I'm afraid that nothing good is going to come from ignoring this and turning my back on her, yet how far is too far in talking to her or her husband about my fears for her - is it being nosey and intrusive, or should I just leave it alone? Just a rhetorical question - don't feel you have to answer - it's going around and around in my head, and I'm in a bit of a quandary. I hope it will somehow sort itself out soon. Thanks.


I confess that I am going to toss my kid out the window!!!! In the last week he has turned into a screeching ball of energy. Literally bouncing off the walls and screaming. For fun. I can't get him to stop no matter what tactic I use. I confess that I wish my kids would go away for the weekend, to my in-law's or something. I confess that I only feel a little guilty about that. And all my guilt comes from saying it "out loud" while other women wish they could have kids and think I should shut up.

apathy lounge

It's still green here. I say that I'm ready for the fall leaves, but I don't have time to rake. So....


I made two social commitments today and now all I want to do is stay in and write. But I haven't seen either friend in months, so I'm going to go out, gritting my teeth, and make my self be social, damnit.

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