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September 21, 2010


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Deb D

Good for you Jenn - as a young adult I worked in a place where we had a Mercks manual and lots of time to read it. I came down with pretty much every disease in at at one point or another! I'm a pretty big trouble borrower too so I know how hard it is to sit and wait.

Jen on the Edge

I think your attitude is good -- informed, but not freaked out. Freaked out never did anyone any good.

Thinking of you and sending lots of good thoughts your way.


Thinking lots of it-not-being-a-big-deal-in-the-end thoughts for you. And that you're a neutral who should totally indulge in some teals and burgundies. There's lots of them out there this fall.

busy bee suz

Oh, this made me laugh out loud.
Congrats on not borrowing trouble or over eating.
I have no idea what my skin tone is...guess what I will be doing today. :)

green girl in wisconsin

Make up therapy instead of food therapy? You might be on to something! Try to stay calm--keep distracting yourself!

Manic Mommy

As with my funky mammogram, be concerned, not CONCERNED. And as with my funky mammogram, all will turn out well.

My skin tone is olive.


I think you should definitely visit the MAC counter! I hope all will be well and the specialist will have reassuring news for you. How long do you have to wait for an appt?


YAY! for not emotional eating. I'm a winter (cool tone) and I've discovered that usually the colors you gravitate towards are actually your colors. :)

I talked with my mother last night, who told me my brother had been ill. Of course, she looked up his symptoms on her own personal Merck manual and had a few diseases he might possibly have.


Trouble borrower here! Dr. Google is one of my bestest friends. Lots of my conversations start with "So I was reading this article..." it has become a running gag at my house.

Congrats on the non emotional eating! Hard stuff. Sending you lots of "nothing to be worried about" like energy!!!


My motto is never start worrying until there's something to worry about.

Unfortunately I never listen to myself.


It seems to me your approach is the only right one... Too bad I'm no good at practising it myself!
Keeping fingers and toes crossed here!


You are doing the right thing! Focus on yourself, but the things that will boost your good feelings. Thinking about make-up and colors is a great distraction from overeating and worrying.

Hope good news comes soon.


That's great you aren't hitting the chocolate!


Us control freaks are really not good at "waiting and seeing", are we? Sometimes it is so very hard for me to just be still. I am constantly thinking, seeking, doing. So, I get it. If you need to figure out what skin tone you are, dive right in. And, if you need to "talk" you know where to find me.

phd in yogurtry

I comfort myself during these (thankfully rare) times of uncertainty with the knowledge that the only worry that helps is that which motivates us to make positive changes: eat better, stress reduction techniques such as exercise, meditation, yoga, deep breathing. And don't forget the funny movies. Laughter IS the best medicine. Worry above and beyond that which moves us into preventative action? Waste of time OR can be detrimental. But it sounds like you have already figured that out. Yay for you.


I'm laughing at the fact that I just finished emotional eating before reading this! (But I did go to yoga this morning & walk this afternoon, so I'm trying to cover the bases.) I'll share a favorite quote on the topic:

"Worrying is like a rocking chair, it gives you something to do, but it gets you nowhere."
-Glenn Turner


I think you have found a great outlet for your stress eating and stress researching. Did the ladies at MAC agree with your assessment?


Good luck! Fingers are crossed.


I'm so out of the loop...hope you got good news!!!

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