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October 24, 2010


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unmitigated me

Choose your attitude! If you opt for negativity, life can really suck. And a short story that brought me to tears: When I returned to college for my teaching degree, a prof recommended me for a small scholarship from a women's center in Ann Arbor. The woman who was the speaker at the awards ceremony shared a laundry list of her accomplishments, even though at the same time she was internally wondering why she had been asked to speak. She had to look in the mirror and tell herself, "I am a success," until she believed it. What woman HASN'T had that experience. It actually made me weep. She told us to "Shine out loud!" If we don't do it for ourselves, who else will?

Lisa Munley

Whew!! That was a close call. So sorry the book went out late but I'm glad you were able to read it so quickly and that you enjoyed it. I think I forgot to tell you that you can give one away to a reader! Whoops, I'm sorry! Feel free to do that if you'd like (US/Canada only, no PO Boxes) and send me your winner's info at the end.

Thank you so much!

Jenn @ Juggling Life

Great! I was going to give mine away, but now I can do the giveaway and keep a copy.

green girl in wisconsin

What a great book for young women breaking into the world on their own!
I always tell people "When God shuts a door he opens a window." Hearing "No" means other opportunities are knocking.


Oh what a lovely book! I may have to get my sister that book.

Life is a choice. While we may try to control so much outside of ourselves, we truly can only control ourselves. Our attitudes, our reactions, etc. are all up to us. As I come to accept this, it makes me feel empowered in myself.

Thanks for the review! Take care!

Baby Favorite

I always remind people to think positively. I truly believe it not only affects certain outcomes in life but also how we see things.


Wow, this sounds like a book my 18 yo daughter should read. She's definately a glass half-empty sort of kid and hasn't found her inner power yet. Thanks for the review.

busy bee suz

This sounds like a good book for my oldest.
I think having a positive attitude in life is key to being happy.

The Girl Next Door

My #1 advice is: communication is the key to everything, good job, good friendships, good relationships, personal happiness. If you can communicate clearly and openly, life will be so much better. And I learned this the HARD way living with someone for 20 years who refused to communicate.


My favorite advice (passed down from Dad) is "In five years, will this still be a big deal?" And in most situations . . . it just won't.


I do okay with parenting advice, 'tho I never dish it out unsolicited. But when new moms look at me with desperation in their eyes, I have a little speech that begins with "It gets better" and then progresses into details of how the first three months of the baby's life suck; the second three months still suck but occasionally yield smiles; the six-month age marks a "maybe I can do this after all" period, followed by 9 months of age, whereupon there are glimmers of "being a parent might actually be something I want to do after all," and then at a year, there is a feeling of "sometimes this is fun, and I no longer feel like jamming a pencil into my eye."

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