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November 18, 2010


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I'm envious that my college student gets to spend Thanksgiving with his dad's side of the family instead of with us. I'm glad he has a place to go for Thanksgiving (and I'd love to spend time with that side of the family) but it has been more than 3 months since we've seen him.

I'm afraid I'll cry on Thanksgiving.

gary rith

OH KCINNOVA! Gosh! :( I have a sister-in-law staying for a week. She is, on the one hand sweet, on the other hand, a very odd duck. I shall be a good Christian all week and ignore the odd part. Plus I bought 5 bottles of champaigne :) (not all at once!)

green girl in wisconsin

It pisses me off that my MIL lets her stupid brother bring pies from a BAKERY when she knows I love to bake and make amazing desserts. Every year I bring one, just to try and turn the tide, but everyone eats HIS store-bought garbage instead.

The Girl Next Door

Oh did I blog about this one - so annoyed with my still-hating-me EX when his sister wanted to invite me to dinner (after I graciously said, "Hey I think the kids should be with your family this thanksgiving rather than alone with me). What did he tell her? "She can celebrate Thanksgiving some other day." Hater.


Not looking forward to seeing some of my husbands family on Thanksgiving. Pompous, self important, self absorbed childless know it alls with lots more money than the rest of us. Ooooooow...did I say that? Oh, well, tis true and everyone knows it BUT themselves. I will try to be in a better frame of mind by the day of the turkey massacree. That's it! I will have to listen to Alice's Restaurant while drinking a BIG glass of wine and think happy thoughts before I go. Hope all of you have a GREAT holiday PIA relative free!


I'm drinking beer, eating chocolate, and blog-wandering, instead of doing the design work I promised to send in by tonight. It's infinitely preferable, but not getting the work done. Husband is off at his studio again, though he did come home to put the kids to bed which was uber-appreciated. I'm tired of having to take every diddly little design job that comes my way, on top of homeschooling and kids and all the housework, because we can't afford to have me not do it. I'm exhausted at the end of the day, creative energy zapped, caffeine tapped, and want to do nothing but veg after 10pm. I resent the nights I have to work. If I were really honest though, I'd admit that I make the work take longer than it should, because I don't want to focus on it. So I distract myself instead of buckling down and getting it done.

dancing kitchen

I'm not looking forward to Thanksgiving.


Will be cooking here, and having Thanksgiving dinner with friends on Thursday. Envisioning good wine, company and children running everywhere.

Little Miss Sunshine State

By Thanksgiving day, I expect my Mom will have criticized me 1,276 times in one week.

So far, my apartment is too cold, not decorated homey enough, not enough windows, too far from the parking lot and has a crummy bathroom floor.

I leave too much stuff hanging around, wash my towels too often, too picky about our diabetic diets and give my daughter too much financial help and my SUV is too hard to get into.

Lord help me.


My husband said something horribly hurtful and very mean to my one BIL today...it was said in a fit of anger...he knows it was wrong...let's just hope it can be fixed before Thanksgiving.


That picture gives me the creeps. Seriously.

We're going to visit friends for Thanksgiving, it was an impulse decision, and I'm feeling guilty because we have been saying to my Mom we don't have the time to get away to visit her (she'll be with other family but we haven't seen her in a while.)


This year I decided to do what I want to do. I'm going to the parade even if assorted kids/parents/in-laws don't want to. I loved it when my kids were small and miss it every year. They can get up and go with me and hubby . . . or not. And they will just have to wait until later than normal for dinner. Since I'm making it, this year I will decide what time it will be. (Do I sound a bit annoyed?!?)

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